STORY: Flower Girl

My mom's wish finally came true... Amanda became a flower girl! More on that on another post. Just want to show some photos of our little princess (which she believes she is worthy of calling with her extremely balloony gown). :)

THEORY: Last Chance for 2010

Tomorrow, actually today is my last chance to end 2010 right and start 2011 even better. I MUST finish my school work by Dec. 30 since I won't be able to do it by the 31st. I will not let this work reach 2011. Do not touch my new year, school work. It's off limits!

I pray Lord, I succeed. Give me the strength to resist facebook, youtube, blogger and the Sprouse brothers (most especially the last one). Thank you.

THEORY: No. 1 Fan

Photo from People Magazine online.
Click here for more Sprouse awesomeness!

When they finally outgrew their coconut head hairstyle, I officially became a fan. They took their time to blossom into fine the youg lads (I don't think I should use "blossom" but I can't think of a better word) that they are, but when they did, they really did. :) I am such a fan that I feel real sad that Suite Life is coming to an end. I loved them in Suite Life of Zack and Cody as cute little boys (and because I love anything that has to do with twins, hence my Mary Kate and Ashley phase which died a natural death) but now, they're are just so handsome! They're like Zac Efron but cuter and more my size. They're like the Ipod to the Ipad. Almost the same just in a different size. Haha :) Am I mean for comapring them to that? Anyways, I love Zac Efron as well so my fanhood is in consistency. I just prefer adorable boys over macho boys... thus Dylan over Zac. :) Weeeeeh... I just thought of posting this declaration of "fandom" because I was just watching Suite Life on Deck right now. I then searched for them on Google and stumbled on the People Magazine special issue all about the Sprouses. That definitely did it, now I'm having a Sprouse Rush! ;))

I wonder what it feels like to be celebrities that have all these fans declaring their admiration for them (even without the fans really knowing them). Sometimes I don't even get what people idolize in celebrities. I try to analyze most things in life, and if I don't get it, I leave it and move on. But the Sprouses are a pleasant exception (along with Zac Efron, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears)... I don't get what it is about them but I don't care! :) Sprouse forever! :D

Now, if only I can get my hands on that People Special Collector's Edition of May 2009...

STORY: Happy Birthday, Amanda!

After our Food Adventure 3 (click here), we continued to celebrate our youngest sister's special day. :) We headed to Toys 'r Us first (where mom and dad secretly bought her a game console which she really, really wants) then headed to power station to play a few games.

Riding "Skater" @ Powerville (?)

The most ridiculous ride ever. Haaay. Wasted P50 on this, but seems like they enjoyed it, so whatever. ;)

Aaaah, Jose's favorite game is now mine, too.

Tickets! (Could have gotten more if only the token price didn't increase by 100%!)

Brother & Sisters. ;)

With Father, dear. (who's paying for everything! haha)

My dad trying on some shoes. ;) I really like Payless Shoe Source because of how they arrange the shoes. Its very convenient and it won't hurt when you try on shoes that don't have your size. No more disappointments over shoes so pretty that can't fit you.

We asked a random man to take this photo! Haha. :)

Wacky Family Photo (it looks pretty normal to me, though)

Happy Birthday Banana! :D

STORY: Food Adventure 3 - Astralis by Diamond Hotel

Today is Amanda's 6th birthday and Day 3 of our Food Adventure. ;) We went to Astralis at Rockwell for lunch and the place wasn't the usual restaurant. It had all the fancy silverware and the fancy menu. Anyways, the food was okay. It was good but not extraordinary. i was quite disappointed with what I ordered though. I orderd a set meal (appetizer, main course and dessert). On the menu, it looked like a lot! When it was served, i just got some (almost cold) super mushroom (like eating mushrooms) soup. After, i got my Sirloin steak which was okay. The best part of it was their Supermoist cake which was indeed super moist! Just the way I like my cake. ;)

The birthday "big" girl.

Checking out the menu (There isn't much to choose from, though)

14oz Prime Rib Steak
Wow'd by his ginormous steak.

Pork Schnitzel
Allea ate porkchop for the 3rd time in a row! (First was at Tender bob's, Second was at Polu Kai Grill)

Beef Morcon
Mom ordered this. The serving was so puny!

14oz Prime Rib Steak
As usual, father had whatever was the biggest and meatiest. :D
The cold mushroom soup (I forgot the real name of the soup, it's quite fancy) 
In all fairness, it did taste extremely like mushroom. (it's like they put the mushroom through a juice maker or something)

Sirloin Steak (comes with Xmas Set2)
I found the meal okay. The mashed potatoes and vegetables tasted great together with the meat, though. :)

Diamond Hotel Supermoist cake (comes with Xmas Set 2)
The cake was yum! I gave the ice cream to Amanda since I don't like strawberry. The serving of the cake was just right since the cake was so, uhm, "thick" you would easily get full.

Eating, eating, eating.
We went to Powerplant mall afterwards. To see the rest of Amanda's birthday celebration, click here.


STORY: Food Adventure 2 - Polu Kai Grill

To continue where I left off (click here for the post about what happened this day), we went to Serendra for dinner. We were supposed to eat at Conti's but it was full! We were even willing to wait but there were still a lot more waiting. So we went around the place twice and ended up at this Hawaiian themed restaurant - Polu Kai Grill. At first, we were just attracted by the ambience of the place but after tasting their food, we got attracted a whole lot more. ;) The farthest my taste buds have ever tried would be chinese and japanese (Italian if you count spaghetti, Spanish if you count Mechado, Mexican if you count Tacos and Burritos. Haha!) so I was glad to include Hawaiian to my short list. :D

Getting ready to order. We sat outside so you can't see the cool interior in the shots. The pepper and salt shakers look like totem poles and there's a gigamtic aquarium inside that completes the Hawaiian feel! :D

Enzo & Allea goofing around while waiting for our food.

With Father dear. ;)

The waitresses and waiters are dressed like hula dancers.

Devil's Shrimp
I absolutely do not like shrimp. I can't even stand the smell of it but like always, there is an exception to the rule. This dish is so tasty, I didn't mind it was shrimp (it helps that you can't tast the shrimp!) It's like popcorn but with chicken like breading. It can get pretty spicy (see all the chili?) but you wouldn't mind it after you've taken your first bite! It comes in big servings and costs just P220.00. Not bad, huh? :D

Country Fried Pork Steak
Allea (and the rest of us) got shocked at the size of her porkchop! It's like 3 porkchops joined together and formed this gigantic one! The gravy tastes good, too! Yum!

TJ's Teriyaki Chicken
This is Enzo's dish. The white thing on top is egg. Enzo's dish looks and taste like beef but it actually is chicken. The sauce was just the right mix of sweet and salty, and just the right thickness. Just wish the egg could be bigger! (I love eggs! Read THIS.)

Chicken Loco Moco
Amanda's is made up of 2 chicken patties, egg and coleslaw on the side (no one ate the coleslaw, but I tasted it and it was alright). She didn't finish her food so everyone got a taste of her food. It reminds me of the Salisbury Steak meal at Sizzling Plate. Haha. ;)

Cajun Sesame Spiced Fish
This is what I had. Everyone was having meat so i thought of tasting their seafood (by that, I mean fish. i don't eat anything else seafood! uck!) I tasted Cajun fish at 3 different places and this falls at number 2 or 3. The fish tasted okay, a bit spicy with all the black pepper. I just thought it was a bit dry. The other Cajun fishes I've tasted had sauce so this wasn't as good. But try it, your taste buds might have a different judgement! :P

Posing with the "thing."

We give Polu Kai our thumbs up! :D


STORY: Day out with Daddy :)

It's been a while since we (my siblings & I) got to go out with my dad alone. We were always either with him and mom or just mom. Our day out was a blast. What do you expect from a dad that says yes to everything? :) This was Day 2 of our food adventure but before I make your mouth water with our newest food discovery, let me share our very spontaneous day with dad. :D

  • We wanted to see what all the hype about Resorts World was so daddy agreed that we head down there and maybe find Restaurant # 2 there. We were pretty disappointed since the place was pretty empty. Besides the beautiful design inside, there was nothing much to see. We saw the whole place in less that 30 minutes. After we saw the place from top to bottom, we drove off to Makati where there was much more to see.

  • On our way to Makati, we decided to go to The Fort instead. So, we ended up at Market! Market! Amanda & Allea did paper clayart while Dad & I went off to look for mom's christmas present. Dad and I took a long time looking for a watch mom would like. Daddy was even going to call her and ask what she want. Oh my goodness! I told him that was the worst thing to do! If you chose one for her, she's going to love it whatever it is... so, don;t ever ask. Plus, it won't be a suprise anymore. We ended up buying a gold and silver watch from Anne Klein. :D Enzo on the other hand was busy looking for his dominoes (he wants to post a video on youtube about it like in the movie "Robots").

    I found the mini donuts contraption really cool! I can imagine little people standing beside it like the ones in the factory. Get it? :D
    Amanda did Jasmine, Allea did Snow White & I did Belle. I haven't finished mine up to now!
    About to leave for dinner.
    My Dad. We may argue on a lot of things (not as much as my mother) but I love him all the same :)
  • We were supposed to eat at Racks but since there was no branch of it in Market! Market! we headed to Serendra for dinner a.k.a Food Adventure # 2 (click here for Food Adventure # 1)

Wearing the ripped jeans i ripped myself! :)
Ready for Food Adventure # 2! Click here :D

STORY: Food Adventure 1 - Tender Bob's

On the way home from Laguna, my dad and my brother started talking about different places to eat - from fast food to high end restaurants. My dad then told us that we try as much of the restaurants as we can while he still is on vacation leave. We decided to start our food adventure after the wedding (will talk about that in some other post) hence, food adventure number 1 - TENDER BOB'S.

I am no food critic so forgive me if all I the adjectives I can use are "good" or "bad." :)

Chicken Tenders: Buffao style
I've eaten in Tender Bob's a number of times already with Jose and I've got to say, this would be one of my all time favorites! I even ask Jose to eat at Tender bob's just so I could eat this! And the photo proves that my family agrees (I wasn't even able to take a photo of it, it vanished like "boom!")

Fish and Chips
My mom ordered this and I didn't like the fish very much. The breading tasted weird and was quite oily. The fries were okay, but could've been better (less oil, please!)

My sister, Allea ordered some porkchops that came with a siding of your choice (she had mashed potatoes, which she didn't even touch) and vegetables. Plus a whole lot of gravy. The porkchops tasted good! Juicy and Grilled perfectly. :)

Caesar Salad
For a carnivourous gal like me, salad doesn't quite exist on the menu. :P

Half pound fully loaded burger
Trust that my brother would always get the biggest anything on the menu. He has an appetite of 5 people and he doesn't grow any fatter! Its like theres a blackhole in his stomach where all the food goes!Judging by the melting cheese on the patties and my brothers uncontrollable joy (see: his face), this burger has got to be real good! :D

Quarter pound burger
This has always been my order since it's the smallest burger available! I even shared a quarter of this burger with little sister! I usually could finish an entire burger on my own but since we had 3 appetizers, my tank was half full by the time this baby came. I wasn't even able to touch my favorite onion rings since daddy ordered an extra basket of onion rings before this came! BTW, the burger is delish!

Half pound fully loaded burger
My dad couldn't even stand still for the photo.

Banana Split
My little sister had her banana split (since she was acting up about not having a burger of her own. We just shared since all the burgers were too big for her!)

They give away free gifts all December. We got a free notepad. ;)

(Photo Op before & after our Tender Bob's "Adventure")
Goofing around. ;)