STORY: Connect

Today is such a busy day. But I still try my best to squeeze in a little blogging time. So here I go...
(Note: When I say a busy day, it rarely means i'm doing some thing all the time. It actually means I'm thinking of doing the some thing that I should be doing which makes me feel I'm very busy when I'm really not that busy. Get it?)

Anyways, as of now, I'm trying to check the Arts Fest Video out of my to do list. It just needs some polishing so maybe in an hour or so, i could proceed with the next thing on my list which is my Filipino Homework.

Since i've opened up my Arts Fest Video, might as well tell you what it is all about. Well, its about this tiny robot (who has no name. the movie is pretty much silent) who falls out of nowhere at the beginning of the movie. The plot of the movie basically is about the robot finding its way around and discovering from where he is, even what he is. He imagined himself as a necklace, a figurine, even a key chain. You have to watch the film to find out which of the 3 he ends up being. Its pretty short and sweet so hopefully the message gets across even with the short amount of time. I hope the cuteness of the robot helps the story, too. This is part animation (thanks to our Information Technology and Fine Arts friends who drea and animated the robot) which is one of the reasons the movie is pretty short.

This is a screenshot of one scene in the film. Meet our little robot!

By the way, the name of the movie is "Connect." Why? Well, the robot "connects" to different things as he figures out what he is. Also (according to my groupmate, Tanya :P) because the film "connected" people from different coursess (Mass Communications, IT & Fine Arts). The animation is still pretty rough by this time but hopefully, after I edit it, it becomes  better... 15,000 pesos better! (Did I mention there was a cash prize for the best artwork? Well, if not, then I'm telling you there is! Fingers crosed we win! :P)

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