STORY: Lola Dear

So my lola is turning 70 this Dec. 6 and we are having a suprise lunch for her. I know, I know. Its a suprise right? So, why am I posting it here? Well, i'm pretty sure my lola won't be checking the internet out anytime soon let at alone discover what blogspot is. i'm pretty confident that her suprise birthday will remain that way.
Anyways, mom asked me to make little invitation cards to distribute to all of her Divine Mercy friends (I think its standard for all lolas to be part of some religious group. Oddly enough though, my other grandma doesn't seem to come close to any group as such. The opposite even. Hmmm. I'll have to check on my theory then.) I dug up these old photos (2 years back) of her when she gamely agreed to model for my homework in Theology. See, it pays to keep photos even if you think you wouldn't use it anymore (even if it means a computer crash). I edited the photos a bit and boom! Instant invitation (It does help that I make invitations for cash, though. just thought i needed to include that bit of info)!

By the way, I don't call any of my lolas, lola. I call this grandma "Nene." It's not disrespectful or anything (most people think that we call her by her first name). Its just us cousins way fo calling her. Some people call their lolas Mamita, Mami, Lola, Lola Gets even (from Kung Tayo'y Magkakalayo, the teleserye) and we just so happen to call her Nene. :) It's our thing. My Maternal lola on the otherhand is called "Honeylo." I take the blame for this monicker. When i was younger (I was one of the eldest grandchildren, just 2 months behind the eldest apo), i started calling my lola Honey Lola. Blame my short tongue or my inability to develop good pronounciation skills faster but the Honey Lola eventually became Honeylo. The name just stuck and to this day, all the younger grandchildren calls her honeylo. The name even became shorter through time since we now just call her "Halo."

Nene & Me during my cousin's birthday last Nov. 14

Its weird that I don't call my lolas lola. I can't share the experience of my peers when they tell stories about their lolas and call them lola. I always had to explain why I call my lolas differently. But when I look back on all the years that I called my lola's names differently, i smile and feel proud. Through their grandchildren, they become one of the most unique around... and I wouldn't want to call any of my lolas any other name than what I have come know them today.

My Lolas together during my cousin's pool party debut.
It was at night and they got startled by the flash!

P.S. We call my Paternal Grandfather "Amo" but that's another story. ;)

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