STORY: Millicent Esguerra Photography

So I decided to give a little "oomph" to Minky's (nickname of Millicent) photographs by editing and layouting the different shots she took of me last Saturday. She was goofing around with Jose's camera while I was waiting for Jose to come. ;) So, here it is...

Minky has a thing for cutting body parts! :D

I'm not posing here. Minky just took this shot without me knowing.

The shot at the bottom is really cut that way. I didn't crop it. It isn't very flattering but I like Minky's close up of my mouth. ;) It captures both my rare smile and my talkativeness in one!

Minky, if you're reading this, I made your very first stamp! Look at the 3rd photo, see it? like it? good! HAHAHA. ;)

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