STORY: The Return. The Comeback. The Rebirth.

So I've decided to stir away from the world of few words (a.k.a. Facebook) and try to spend (read: waste) my free time with something more deep, more expressive, more long lasting.

Why the sudden shift you might ask? Well, as embarrassing as it is to admit it, I google myself once in a while (out of boredom) and it absolutely irritates me when the first thing that comes up is my old and forgotten blogger account. The posts I had on there were all set for public viewing and it was so like the High School me to post about the most embarrassing things (think love letters and poems). I finally had the patience of remembering what my email, username and password was for the account and tried to deactivate it. But as I went through the settings, I figured why not just edit the whole thing. I mean, even though how embarrassing my previous posts were, it did remind me of how I was then, what I was so preoccupied with (and interested in). It made me realize how much better blogs are than status updates. Blogs tell stories. Blogs remind you of things. It then hit me that i once was a "blog devotee" posting blogs every single day. And after all these years, i can still read those blogs - both embarrassing and not.

The days of lame diaries with padlocks may be totally gone, but i believe blogging still has hope. From this day on, I will try to blog as much as i can so that next time I google myself (Goodness gracious, how pathetic of me), I would be pretty happy with what comes up. :)

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