STORY: Blogger-o-rama

As usual, I never actually did what i set out to do on non-school days (even school days for that matter). I told myself I would do that little homework I had for the week which is to print out Allegory of the Cave (which i actually accomplished just before typing this in) but instead, I spent about 8 hours on the internet editinga nd re-editing my blogspot layout! I even spent a good hour on making the cutesy icon explaining my blogs name (see below). Any hoo, so this is yet another unproductive day which I admit, I wish I had more of. So goodbye sitting-on-my-butt-the-whole-day day and hello again always-running-off-somewhere days! Haaay, it was fun while it lasted.

My new icon. There are a lot of mistakes here but I was just too lazy to correct 'em! :P

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