STORY: Car Show 2

After Nene's birthday lunch, Jose & I tried to make time fly by going to a car show nearby. We were going to church in the afternoon and it was still too early. We were able to go through all the cars very quickly since the cars weren't that many. Also it was outside, we couldn't stand the afternoon heat so we hurried looking at all the cars. After the boring car show (I now have reference. This is my second car show. The first one was at SMX and that car show was complete with smoke machines, lights, ear deafening sounds, sponsors galore and half naked girls!)  we went to the bazaar just right beside it. Jose and I checked it out. The items were still pretty pricey (500-1,000) so it wasn't the kind of bazaar I was expecting (I was thinking Greenhilss tiangge). Also, the place was pretty crowded (think one way lane. Only one person can go through the aisle at a time) so I didn't enjoy much. But I still managed to find a cute boyfriend shirt that comes at a pretty decent price and was able to get started on my Christmas shopping for the families (Jose & mine)! At least the entrance fee didn't totally go to waste.

Honda Jazz in every color! :)

Cars in all the weirdest designs except for the one in the lower left.
Now, that car is the "handsomest" of them all (Tama ba, Jose?)

The interior of, you've probably guessed it, a red car.
The car is red all over!

Playing with jose's speakers' cover. I'm pretending to take a 1x1 picture with the square as the background. :)

Jose lost in a sea of women at the Bazaar near the Fort Strip. ;)

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