THEORY: The Incomplete Picture

Often times we go through facebook checking out what our friends are up to. Once in a while you may catch yourself going green with envy when you see photos of stuff you want to do or have which your friend so happens to be blessed with. Don't worry, I admit to going through that, too. But I thought about it and realized something. My profile doesn't really tell others what's going on in my life. The posts in my profile are already filtered. I can make my life seem so to die for when in truth it isn't all that glamorous.

I checked my profile out & I noticed that I don't post photos of my embarrassiong moments or my not-so-pretty shots. My profile to someone who doesn't know me would make me look as someone very different from who I truly am. I seem very composed and organized since all my photos are very poised (??) but I really am just the opposite! Then I thought about it a little more. All the filtering I've been doing to my own profile is probably what the rest of my friends are doing. They look all so glamorous and to die for but in reality, they live normal, ordinary lives! They only choose to emphasize the things that make their life seem special. (I'm not being pessimistic here. People really do have the inclination to making themselves appear beautiful. i have never heard of someone who worked so hard to make herself ugly... yet.) So the one time she went to this glamorous place is uploaded, but the 100 times she went to, let's say, divisoria is left unpublished. So when one looks at her profile, you would think she only goes to high end places.

Before I start blabbing about things that might already be crossing the line, I shall make my point. We judge and make impressions on things all the time. I think this is but human nature. I don't believe in the saying that you should not judge a book by its cover. The reason why publishers put so much effort on the cover of a book because they know how important it is! Therefore, the cover must be judged! The problem in this scenario is, have we seen the full cover? the full profile? WE can judge all we want as long as we have all the pieces of the puzzle. With facebook and all the othe sites out there, all we can see is an incomplete picture. And no judgement can be valid based on that.

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