THEORY: Time Apart

Jose will be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow and won't be back 'til New Year. I know it's just 5 days, but for the two of us, it feels like forever! It even feels like he's moving away. Jose is even considering not going because he'd be too sad. It sounds so pathetic really but Jose and I are the type of couple who spends every minute we can with each other. Others might find this weird, others might even think its wrong but for us, it totally works. We never run out of things to talk about and do (we end up bickering and getting annoyed with each other since we're together too much, but we still see each other any way) which is why spending every day with each other is not a problem. If we don't see each other, we talk on the phone or chat. I think we even beat people who are abroad with how much effort we put into contacting each other.

I keep the situation a little balanced by setting a "no meet day rule" so we could at least miss each other's company for a day (To date, we still argue about this rule. We even had a contract made in writing to settle it. It expired Nov. 5, 2010 and still has not been renewed). I honestly don't mind seeing Jose everyday (he picks me up from school almost everyday and if he can't pick me up, we would have lunch together) but the people around me always seem to convince me that I AM not happy with the situation. They don't understand that Jose is not just my boyfriend, he is my best (even bestest) friend. I always thought a girl's best friend must be a girl but then again that's just one of the many things I believe which isn't necessarily true. I feel comfortable talking to Jose about everything (everything, even girl stuff at times) and he didn't need to be a girl to make me feel that way. It also adds to the "bond" that we both are loners. We both never really had that many friends (we prefer small groups than the big barkadas) so we go to each other for everything... this just makes it even harder for us not to be with each other since we don't have anyone else to be with (that is as close as we are, that is).

Jose's vacation just made me realize how we should start spending time apart, even how sad and lonely it may be. I think we have grown too close that we can't function alone (well, at least get through a day)! I can't imagine not capping a day with a call from Jose before I sleep and I can't imagine waking up without a text from him either. Well, the next 5 days will be a test of how much time apart we can handle before I either camp at the airport or he flies back home (Oh my, are we this pathetic? We really need this 5 days, seriously.)

Take care and have fun Jose! I will try to enjoy my "me time" as well. (It helps that my family is going restaurant hopping for the next few days :P) Now if only I could get started on my school work so i can fully start the enjoyment...

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