STORY: Market Newbe

For my Advertising Management class, I had the choice of either going to a supermarket or a wet market to look for something new. I went for supermarket since there would be probably more new products i could find there than in a wet market. After submission of homework last week, our professor asked us to do the same thing for the "market" we did not choose. So this time around, i had to go to a wet market.

i don't think there are any new products in the market since they sell pretty much the same stuff - pork, beef, fish, chicken, vegetables, fruits, rice, etc. So I opted to take note of things that were different in the market rather than a new product. I have a video that summarizes what I did in the market. Watch my video here: By the way I went with Millicent & Jessica to Pasay Public Wet Market on a Thursday morning after Filipino class.

The only photo I have of my wet market adventure is with the ever willing fish vendor. ;) Thanks Kuya!

We had early lunch at Greenwich after our 'Adventure"

Millicent Esguerra Photography.
With a little black and white effect (+layouting), Minky's photo's could pass for a pro! "P


minxmingks said...

where is my photo with kuya? :D

Andy said...

Its with me! I forgot that may photos pala! :))