STORY: Nene's 70th

Nene turns the big 7-0! We celebrated with the family and a few of Nene's friends earlier today at David's Tea House at Makati. Nene was totally surprised as she walked in while we sand Happy Birthday to her. She was already teary eyed since she thought no one remembered her birthday.This post will be heavily loaded with photos so let the photos tell the story. Happy Birthday again Neners (<-- I gave her this nickname!) ;)


What I Wore Today : My Boots! I try to wear them as often as I can! Haha. ;P

This is Nene still trying to absorb the surprise! ;)

(Left column: Top-Bottom) Joaquin doing the cutest pose, Amanda eating some ice cream, Joshua doing ?
(Right column) Top: Enzo, Joshua & Bellai posing for a picture while Tita Ann hides in the back!
Bottom: Tita Ann, Amanda, Ate Kim & Allea smiles for the photo.

Nene about to blow her birthday cake (from Jose! Thanks babz :P)
and a photo of all the guests.

Couple 1: Kim & Gino
I love how all the shots are moving! :)

Couple 2: Jong & Maan
Winner ang Belat ni Tito Jong! :D

Couple 3: Janet & Richie
Daddy's big eyes pose (photo 3, right column) win over all the wacky poses here, hands down!

Photo with the celebrant!

Random Shots (L-R, clockwise)
a. Dad, Enzo & Me waiting for the kids to come back from ice cream.
b. Daddy & Nene
c. Daddy with the kids (who are all scared when they hear Babab!)
d. Kuya Gino and the kids coming back from ice cream
e. Daddy & Enzo
f. Daddy & Jose

Photos with Me (Feeling celebrant din ako)
(L-R, Clockwise)
a. Me & Daddy
b. Me & Amo (my grandpa)
c. Me & my sister, Amanda
d. Me & Jose :)

The celebrant with her apos.
Not in photo: Cellina, Mac, Diego & Sam
We are a small family. :)

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