STORY: Pretty Pictures

If you've read the previous entry (click here) you would probably understand how ironic this post is. I called the post PRETTY PICTURES because these pictures show the "pretty" side of the story. This is the story I would want everyone to see. But then again, I'm starting from scratch so I'm allowed to change the rules of my game. Pretty & Ugly pictures get shown all the same... that is if anyone is even looking.

Jose & I's first ever Photobooth photo together. ;)
I actually convinced him to go through this (he never does anything silly!)

I wore my 4 inch heels for this event which I'm proud to say I can walk in "normally" already! 

Food & Drinks were served along with the setting up of the Photobooth so the early birds had someting to do while waiting for the rest of the people to arrive.

Jose - The Subject.
Took photos of random things while waiting (about 2 hours)

The Venue before everyone got in. My hopes were as high as the sky at this point.

Awarding of Certificate of Participation. My hopes were at the core of the earth by this time so I couldn't even fake a smile very well.

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