STORY: Project Head

Being crowned as the artsy master in the family isn't always a good thing. Sure you get praises all the time like "Syempre, gawa ni ate yan" or "Ano pa ba ineexpect nyo? Di maganda!" but all the these praises come with a load of responsibility! I get assigned to do all things artsy in the family (with my consent or not) since they say I can do it way better than they can. but I'm not complaining or anything. I like doing all the projects of my siblings from little drawings to big time projects but some times I just don't have the time! And it really pisses me off when they keep nagging me to do something when I dont get started on the project right away. I always answer their nagging with "Have I ever failed? Have you ever woke up in the morning and not see your project sitting there waiting for you?" It irritates me that after the ton of projects I've already done, they couldn't even give me their confidence. They can't believe that I will deliver each time. I may sound arrogant but I'm proud to say that to this day, i have ALWAYS delivered.

One of MY recent assignments (this is for Filipino class). I have to do my own homework together with the rest of my siblings. I want to do all of it, just wish i always have the time. :)

My deadly weapon comes in a variety fo colors. Talbog ang Light Saber mo! :P

Drawing Allea's homework while Amanda (below) tries to color in some artwork herself.

Allea's Homework (I know the drawing is so grade school, well she is in grade school! :P)

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