STORY: Samsung + Forever21

 Jasmine invited me to be her teammate in this Samsung/Forever21 event which happened earlier today. When she mentioned we were going to style some models, i was a bit scared since I am no fashion guru. But when she mentioned that GC's and a new phone awaits the winners, all the doubts went away. It's free for crying out loud! how can it get any better? :)

I had to hurry getting to Megamall (where the event is) since I had to hold a meeting at 12pm-1pm regarding the batch soiree. Fortunately i got to the place at around 1pm and the event hasn't even started! I would figure out later on that all my hurrying up was of no use since the program started at around 3past. So just kept babbling on with Jas about all things I could think of (i could get pretty talkative!) I even started babbling to our model, Miggo even if i had just been acquainted with him. This talkativeness, by the way, is a far cry of what i used to be about 2 years ago. When i meet new people not a word comes out of my mouth so maybe i'm just making up for all the years i shut up by babbbling endlessly today. :)

Any who, the mechanics was pretty simple. I was the "blogger" and Jas was the "media person." The bloggers had 3 minutes to grab all the clothes they can from a rack (on stage!) which they would use to style the 2 models (1 celeb, 1 student). After the 3 minutes, the blogger and media person has 20 minutes to style 2 looks based on what the blogger picked out of a fish bowl earlier in the programme. We got "Fierce and bubbly" (This is because Samsung was launching their dual sim phone, hence all the duo and pairs in the event). Jasmine and i got to pull off some pretty cute outfits (it could have been cuter if we were given more time though!) I wasn't able to take a photo of the first outfit of the models (fierce) but I was able to take a photo of their second outfit (bubbly).

We didn't win. :( Boohoo. But i still went home real happy. i met new people. i tried something new. I joined something I've never thought I would. i even got to bring home a Garnier lootbag! So its a win-win thing. ;)

The runway before the event started. ;)

(L-R) Miggo, me, Anne. These are the models wearing their 2nd outfit. Anne is wearing a men's shirt while Miggo is wearing a girl's cardigan! With all the grabbing of clothes, i couldn't tell which is which! :P

Thanks Jasmine for inviting me to come along!
The lower right photo of Miggo is a peek of what his 1st outfit looks like. Unfortunately, this is the only shot i've got! i liked the first set better pa naman. :(

Jas & i had to take souvenir photos at the photo wall! ;) It's SOP!

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rainydaysandsunsets said...

Like! Thanks for being my teammate, Andy. :D