STORY: Spectacular Day & Night

This is yet another photo loaded post, and this time I have good reason! This was a spectacular night but since the day went pretty well, too i'd consider the whole day spectacular!

Around 12 noon, I, together Lorraine & Myrtle with Ms. Ces head off to San Pedro, Laguna to do a Career Talk with a High School there. I was really excited since this would be my first ever official talk. i like grabbing oppurtunities where i can feel like the expert. haha. :) Anyways, i could've done better but I enjoyed my first time all the same. The crowd was a bit hard to handle but it was okay. We had heavy snacks at KFC on the way home. By the way, it took us about 2 hours or more to get to the place but less than an hour to get back. It was super traffic i even fell asleep for a while! Haha :D

This is me tasting the star German cookies Ms. Ces offered to us during lunch. How did it taste? Very much like coffee.

The left column is the photo of the HS students and Lorraine & Myrtle. The right side is the shot from the back seat of the car and the eyes of Sir??? I thought he looked a lot like Ted Failon! :D

Anyways, before i go on I would just like to explain my candy cane borders. I really can't feel the Christmas spirit from anyone these days so i figured why not start with my blog! :)

Back to the story... I was supposed to cover an event for Candy today. i was supposed to watch the screening of Narnia and do an article but I decided not to go. Jose then asked me to go out with him instead. I had no homework to do anyways so i agreed. We watched the show at Manila Ocean Park and besides the large number of people who were there, I had a magical time! :) I was like a kid again for at least the duration of the show. The lights and music were all so magical its like Disney magic in water and lights form. :) I believe the pictures could explain this much better...

This definitely made me wow. The first time the hologram went out I was truly amazed. :) (How gullible am I?)

The lights were such a beautiful sight. This is just 1 out of the probably 100 shots I took. All of it just made for a pretty picture. :)

There was a portion where fire went up! You could actually feel the heat of the flame from your seat.

Aaaaah, pretty!

I had to take a picture with these adorable mascots! They are part of the show along with other sea creatures.

After the show, we went around Ocean Park. Last time we went there was about a year ago already. A lot has changed including the addition of this Yogurt Bar! Jose, who abssolutely loves Yogurt had to try it. I actually liked the yogurt (i don't like yogurt, i prefer regular ice cream) and we both had fun with the self serving thing. I think you actually get more out of your money with their system. You get to choose as many toppings and put as many yogurt as you want and pay by the ounce. Usually in other stores, prices are fixed which doesn't really let you customize your Yogurt to your eating pleasure. ;)

My yogurt is the one with graham and cookies, jose's is the one filled with fruits. Jose and I share a lot of things in common but taste in yogurt is not one of them. We have totally different choices so sharing is a toughie... hahaha! :)

Food Photography ala Andy ;)
I was still full from my KFC snack so i wasn't able to finish my Katsudon. :|

The rare moments jose actually agrees to take a photo (sillily) :D

Thank you! We finally have a decent photo together.
2nd shot - Jose: "You're embarrassing me."
I'm used to it Jose, so used to it.
(Note: We were taking these photos in the middle of the parking lot with blinding flash! :D)

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