STORY: Chess Master!

Last Dec. 23, my family and I visited my cousin's house in San Juan since the rest of their family from Davao was around for the holidays. To entertain ourselves, my cousin and i started playing chess. Then I played with my brother then my dad. My dad is a really smart man, and he and everyone else knows that. Being his daughter I have always been pressured to have at least half of his brains so our chess battle was both an extra challenge for the both of us: For him, that he still holds the title of smartest in the family (which i believe will never be taken away from him, hands down) and for me, that I could go against my dad and win.

I won... the first and only time. We played 2 more times and I lost both of them. But I'm proud to say that I lost with a fight! It took my dad a few more moves than he thought he would to beat me but still, he beat me. Congrats dad! At least I know I lost to a brain that made up mine. :P Haha!

I had to take a picture of this moment. I beat my dad at chess!

Can you see how his king is helpless to my tower? I know, I'm good. :)

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