STORY: Day out with Daddy :)

It's been a while since we (my siblings & I) got to go out with my dad alone. We were always either with him and mom or just mom. Our day out was a blast. What do you expect from a dad that says yes to everything? :) This was Day 2 of our food adventure but before I make your mouth water with our newest food discovery, let me share our very spontaneous day with dad. :D

  • We wanted to see what all the hype about Resorts World was so daddy agreed that we head down there and maybe find Restaurant # 2 there. We were pretty disappointed since the place was pretty empty. Besides the beautiful design inside, there was nothing much to see. We saw the whole place in less that 30 minutes. After we saw the place from top to bottom, we drove off to Makati where there was much more to see.

  • On our way to Makati, we decided to go to The Fort instead. So, we ended up at Market! Market! Amanda & Allea did paper clayart while Dad & I went off to look for mom's christmas present. Dad and I took a long time looking for a watch mom would like. Daddy was even going to call her and ask what she want. Oh my goodness! I told him that was the worst thing to do! If you chose one for her, she's going to love it whatever it is... so, don;t ever ask. Plus, it won't be a suprise anymore. We ended up buying a gold and silver watch from Anne Klein. :D Enzo on the other hand was busy looking for his dominoes (he wants to post a video on youtube about it like in the movie "Robots").

    I found the mini donuts contraption really cool! I can imagine little people standing beside it like the ones in the factory. Get it? :D
    Amanda did Jasmine, Allea did Snow White & I did Belle. I haven't finished mine up to now!
    About to leave for dinner.
    My Dad. We may argue on a lot of things (not as much as my mother) but I love him all the same :)
  • We were supposed to eat at Racks but since there was no branch of it in Market! Market! we headed to Serendra for dinner a.k.a Food Adventure # 2 (click here for Food Adventure # 1)

Wearing the ripped jeans i ripped myself! :)
Ready for Food Adventure # 2! Click here :D

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