STORY: Food Adventure 1 - Tender Bob's

On the way home from Laguna, my dad and my brother started talking about different places to eat - from fast food to high end restaurants. My dad then told us that we try as much of the restaurants as we can while he still is on vacation leave. We decided to start our food adventure after the wedding (will talk about that in some other post) hence, food adventure number 1 - TENDER BOB'S.

I am no food critic so forgive me if all I the adjectives I can use are "good" or "bad." :)

Chicken Tenders: Buffao style
I've eaten in Tender Bob's a number of times already with Jose and I've got to say, this would be one of my all time favorites! I even ask Jose to eat at Tender bob's just so I could eat this! And the photo proves that my family agrees (I wasn't even able to take a photo of it, it vanished like "boom!")

Fish and Chips
My mom ordered this and I didn't like the fish very much. The breading tasted weird and was quite oily. The fries were okay, but could've been better (less oil, please!)

My sister, Allea ordered some porkchops that came with a siding of your choice (she had mashed potatoes, which she didn't even touch) and vegetables. Plus a whole lot of gravy. The porkchops tasted good! Juicy and Grilled perfectly. :)

Caesar Salad
For a carnivourous gal like me, salad doesn't quite exist on the menu. :P

Half pound fully loaded burger
Trust that my brother would always get the biggest anything on the menu. He has an appetite of 5 people and he doesn't grow any fatter! Its like theres a blackhole in his stomach where all the food goes!Judging by the melting cheese on the patties and my brothers uncontrollable joy (see: his face), this burger has got to be real good! :D

Quarter pound burger
This has always been my order since it's the smallest burger available! I even shared a quarter of this burger with little sister! I usually could finish an entire burger on my own but since we had 3 appetizers, my tank was half full by the time this baby came. I wasn't even able to touch my favorite onion rings since daddy ordered an extra basket of onion rings before this came! BTW, the burger is delish!

Half pound fully loaded burger
My dad couldn't even stand still for the photo.

Banana Split
My little sister had her banana split (since she was acting up about not having a burger of her own. We just shared since all the burgers were too big for her!)

They give away free gifts all December. We got a free notepad. ;)

(Photo Op before & after our Tender Bob's "Adventure")
Goofing around. ;)


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