STORY: Food Adventure 2 - Polu Kai Grill

To continue where I left off (click here for the post about what happened this day), we went to Serendra for dinner. We were supposed to eat at Conti's but it was full! We were even willing to wait but there were still a lot more waiting. So we went around the place twice and ended up at this Hawaiian themed restaurant - Polu Kai Grill. At first, we were just attracted by the ambience of the place but after tasting their food, we got attracted a whole lot more. ;) The farthest my taste buds have ever tried would be chinese and japanese (Italian if you count spaghetti, Spanish if you count Mechado, Mexican if you count Tacos and Burritos. Haha!) so I was glad to include Hawaiian to my short list. :D

Getting ready to order. We sat outside so you can't see the cool interior in the shots. The pepper and salt shakers look like totem poles and there's a gigamtic aquarium inside that completes the Hawaiian feel! :D

Enzo & Allea goofing around while waiting for our food.

With Father dear. ;)

The waitresses and waiters are dressed like hula dancers.

Devil's Shrimp
I absolutely do not like shrimp. I can't even stand the smell of it but like always, there is an exception to the rule. This dish is so tasty, I didn't mind it was shrimp (it helps that you can't tast the shrimp!) It's like popcorn but with chicken like breading. It can get pretty spicy (see all the chili?) but you wouldn't mind it after you've taken your first bite! It comes in big servings and costs just P220.00. Not bad, huh? :D

Country Fried Pork Steak
Allea (and the rest of us) got shocked at the size of her porkchop! It's like 3 porkchops joined together and formed this gigantic one! The gravy tastes good, too! Yum!

TJ's Teriyaki Chicken
This is Enzo's dish. The white thing on top is egg. Enzo's dish looks and taste like beef but it actually is chicken. The sauce was just the right mix of sweet and salty, and just the right thickness. Just wish the egg could be bigger! (I love eggs! Read THIS.)

Chicken Loco Moco
Amanda's is made up of 2 chicken patties, egg and coleslaw on the side (no one ate the coleslaw, but I tasted it and it was alright). She didn't finish her food so everyone got a taste of her food. It reminds me of the Salisbury Steak meal at Sizzling Plate. Haha. ;)

Cajun Sesame Spiced Fish
This is what I had. Everyone was having meat so i thought of tasting their seafood (by that, I mean fish. i don't eat anything else seafood! uck!) I tasted Cajun fish at 3 different places and this falls at number 2 or 3. The fish tasted okay, a bit spicy with all the black pepper. I just thought it was a bit dry. The other Cajun fishes I've tasted had sauce so this wasn't as good. But try it, your taste buds might have a different judgement! :P

Posing with the "thing."

We give Polu Kai our thumbs up! :D


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