STORY: Food Adventure 3 - Astralis by Diamond Hotel

Today is Amanda's 6th birthday and Day 3 of our Food Adventure. ;) We went to Astralis at Rockwell for lunch and the place wasn't the usual restaurant. It had all the fancy silverware and the fancy menu. Anyways, the food was okay. It was good but not extraordinary. i was quite disappointed with what I ordered though. I orderd a set meal (appetizer, main course and dessert). On the menu, it looked like a lot! When it was served, i just got some (almost cold) super mushroom (like eating mushrooms) soup. After, i got my Sirloin steak which was okay. The best part of it was their Supermoist cake which was indeed super moist! Just the way I like my cake. ;)

The birthday "big" girl.

Checking out the menu (There isn't much to choose from, though)

14oz Prime Rib Steak
Wow'd by his ginormous steak.

Pork Schnitzel
Allea ate porkchop for the 3rd time in a row! (First was at Tender bob's, Second was at Polu Kai Grill)

Beef Morcon
Mom ordered this. The serving was so puny!

14oz Prime Rib Steak
As usual, father had whatever was the biggest and meatiest. :D
The cold mushroom soup (I forgot the real name of the soup, it's quite fancy) 
In all fairness, it did taste extremely like mushroom. (it's like they put the mushroom through a juice maker or something)

Sirloin Steak (comes with Xmas Set2)
I found the meal okay. The mashed potatoes and vegetables tasted great together with the meat, though. :)

Diamond Hotel Supermoist cake (comes with Xmas Set 2)
The cake was yum! I gave the ice cream to Amanda since I don't like strawberry. The serving of the cake was just right since the cake was so, uhm, "thick" you would easily get full.

Eating, eating, eating.
We went to Powerplant mall afterwards. To see the rest of Amanda's birthday celebration, click here.


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