STORY: Laguna Visit

The very first day of christmas break, my family and I headed to my lola and cousin's place at Laguna to visit. Its been a while since I last got to see them so our quick trip was a pleasant one for me. :)

I meet their new dog, Aicy. Apparently they had the dog for 6 months already. You can imagine how long its been since I last step foot in their house. (I have seen them a lot, just not in their house. We eat out or swim or something)

I tried on my cousin's whote Rayban. It looks real cute on others but I don't think its working on me. I just found it real cute that it matches the design of my shirt (you can see the print of the shirt a bit in the photo above)

I checked all the Convocation Cards I could so I could get rid of them in my to do list. Hello Christmas Break! (But then again I still have Communication Research Homework to worry about, sigh.)

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