STORY: Letting Go

To anyone who knows me (well), he/she would surely know how much I value my files (computer files, that is). And this Christmas I would have to let go of something so my files could go to a happier place (file heaven, maybe). Jose got me a 320 GB Hard drive as a Christmas present (enter: Angels singing Alleluia) which would replace my worn out 20 GB one. And it came at such a good time since my brother will be needing a hard rive of his own for school. So today, I spent a good number of hours transferring my gigabytes of files to their new home. And after all files have been reorganized, renamed, and resettled, I finally changed my former hard drive's name to my brother's.

To mu 20GB hard drive, goodbye! You have served me well. Go on and make some one else happy, just as you have made me. :) And to my 320GB hard drive, it will be a "heavy" journey ahead but I know we'll make it through. ;P

About to Format my 20GB Hard Drive. Goodbye old friend!

 Formatting. :|

Officially my brother's. From Andie to Enzo.
My New Baby ;)

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