STORY: Peace Camp

With Ten-Ten  ;)

My school has this annual celebration during the last school day before chritmas break called "Peace Camp." I think the "camp" part of the name came from camping since peace camps originally were overnight events. But due to safety reasons, they decided to make it a one day event instead.

During peace camps, the entire school ( grade school, high school & college) come together to celebrate mass and the upcoming christmas day. There are various performances from different levels and even guest appearance of our mascot -Ten-ten. Peace Camp always makes me feel all Christmasy already. The cold wind, the christmas songs and all the greetings makes me believe in the magic of Christmas again even at least only for the duration of the Peace Camp. :) (I do believe in christmas magic, by the way. it just happens to kick in very late in the season these past years. how sad)

Some of my Co-Student Council Officers
(L-R) Lorraine, Krista, Ate Mimah, Ding & Berni

The stage.
My Jeans. ;)

My very attentive MassCom-mates
(L-R) Tanna, Nikki, Jessica and Minky

My best bud - Minky. ;) Together again.
We got into a quarrel during our retreat the day before this (click here). Minky placed a headband in my bag (without me knowing) with a note. It was the sweetest thing! I wore the headband and when she saw me wearing it, we were all good. :D

Birthday girls - Jojo & Lorraine

With Ms. Carbon. I find us similar in many ways which a bit unexpected since I used to be very afraid of her prior to my Student Council days. :) Now I can pose like this with her! :P

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