STORY: Perfect Egg

One of my go to food (the type of food you eat when nothing else looks or tastes good) is egg. I just love it! It tastes good no matter how you cook it - sunny side up, scrambled, omelette, hard boiled, etc and its so easy to prepare!

Last dec 17, when I was in my cousin's house in Laguna, I didn't like the food for dinner much. Mom brought Lechon Paksiw and there was some vegetables with sauce and some fish. So, I took some eggs from the refrigirator and cooked some! I bragged about how I can cook the perfect eggs (the yellow part cooked just right and perfectly round) since I cook 'em a lot! And boom, this is how my "perfect eggs" ended up looking like...

Every single one of the 4 eggs I fried ended up having the yolk part ruined! I swear I cook perfect eggs... it's the eggs with the problem. Not me. It definitely is the eggs.

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