STORY: Retreat

One of the reasons for my inactivity in the blog world for the past days is because I just had my retreat. Going to a catholic school means the annual recollection or retreat and this year we finally got to go overnight. We had the retreat at the St. Scholastica's Center of Spirituality, my school's very own retreat center from Dec. 15 to 16.

I always enjoy retreats because it gives me the needed break from the fast paced world I live in. Also its a great way to bond with friends and have fun! After all the retreats I have gone to (since grade school), I could say that I have experienced better retreats than the one I just had but being older and more mature (questionable), I appreciated this last one the most. I actually tried to reflect on things in life rather than just enjoying a night away from home. I pray with all my heart that I continue to have retreats like these way after college requirement dictates I do so.

NOTE: We were not allowed to take pictures during the retreat so these are only shots before and after. ;)

(Right) I got to wear my new shirt! ;)
(Left-Up) Minky & I are bus buddies!
(Left-Below) Some of my blockmates - Seline, Karl, Me, Kekx & Abby.

The eating area (we ate every 2 hours, and we ate a lot each time! There was always 3 dishes per meal plus dessert.) & the bedroom.

Minky & I got into a teeny weeny quarrel so all my solo shots are thanks to Jose's cam's timer. ;) This is taken behind the church.

Another timer shot. ;)

I feel like this could pass as a photo for a christian magazine. Caption:"I am Andy and God came into my life..."

Mau took this shot while I was talking. It ended up looking like I'm reading the book.

1. Church
2. The cottages behind the church
3. The man made cave where we had our confession
4. The inside of the church

Homeward bound!
Minky and I haven't made up yet so I had the 3 seats all to myself.

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