STORY: Watch & Eat

(Tuesday, Dec. 14, 2010) So Jose, Jose's mom and I watched Chanya's play (A Christmas Carol). Chanya had a minor role but it was very fun to see her face evrytime she would talk about the play. She had been practising for the play for days and everytime we picked her up she would talk about her role. So when the day of the play finally came, I could just imagine how excited she is. She is Jose's sister but I feel like she's mine, too. :)

These are some of the other kids in the play.

Chanya was a bit shy so I couldn't get a straight shot of her.
But she still looked cute in her technicolor get-up. ;)

Jose, Jose's Mom & I had lunch at Migui's after Chanya's part. Tita Alah ordered 3 different dishes just for her! Haha (she did share it with us, though). Yummy Tortang Talong! :P


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