STORY: Take Care, Garnier

I got free Garnier products during the Samsung + Forever 21 fashion show (click here) and I decided to try them all today! :) Talk about Garnier overload. I tried the foam wash earlier (also since my Pond's wash ran out already) and it was okay. My face wasn't oily at all but I felt it was incomplete since I got used to the beads of the Pond's facial scrub I usually use. Any hoo, this moring before I went to school, I tried the whitening cream which said I would have shine free look for 8 hours. My face didn't look much different though.

When I got home today, I tried the peeling thing (I'm too lazy to get up and read the label's name, haha). Stupid me, applied the entire thing on my entire face. I didn't realize that the "glue-like" thing would be so cement-like after a few minutes. My eyelids were so hard and everytime I tried to smile, the rest of my face would move along with it. I kept laughing the entire time even if it hurt quite a bit since I placed the "glue-like" thing all over! HAHA. Anyways, let the pictures tell the story.

By the way, my face feels lemony fresh right now. Weee! ;)

This is me peeling off the "mask." Its a bit painful by the way (maybe because I put too much!)

One of the 3 products i tried today. This the whitening cream that promised me 8 hours of shine free face. ;))

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