THEORY: Cartoon Love

I am such a kid when it comes to my choice of shows. You could let me watch a whole bunch of cartoons (and not the family guy or simpsons type, the "hard core" kids cartoons) the whole day and make me happy! One of the cartoons I loved watching (and continue to watch as we speak) is Rugrats. I love the concept of the show which is creating stories of what babies are thinking and making them believable! The stories and the treatment makes me love this show a whole bunch. The adorable and lovable characters help a lot, too! :)

Ah! The original cast. ;)

The original cast - all grown up! I could sing you the theme song of Rugrats All Grown Up in an instant. I memorize the lyrics by heart. ;) If only the original Rugrats theme song had some lyrics to it...

The "extended" cast - then and now. :)

This is just one of the many, many cartoons (even live action shows, actually) that I could go on forever talking about, but I'll save that for a day when I'm in the best mood to do so --- because all those wonderful shows that gave me countless moments of joy deserves just that. :D

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