THEORY: Christmas Wrappers

I wonder how Christmas wrappers (any wrapper for that matter) started. Who was the one who thought of using fancy paper and ribbons? Some people would argue that the wrapping is a waste of money and effort since the person you'll be giving it to would just rip it off. So whoever invented expensive wrapper must be filthy rich by now (since no wrapper can be used again, except for some people who open their gifts carefully so they can reuse the wrapper for another gift).

I know a lot of people who couldn't care less about gift wrapping. I even know of someone who would even wrap her christmas presents with newspaper ( I should know, I volunteered to help her wrap her presents to find out I would be using that morning's paper). I understand that the wrapper isn't as important as the thing inside but I think wrappers aren't given due credit when it comes to gift giving. I remember during christmas parties that the gifts would be judged by its wrapping. The luckiest kid would be the one wo receives the gift with the fanciest wrapper during the exchange of gifts. So I believe the wrapper is somehow part of the gift that's why we should put just as much effort and time on it as the present itself. It adds excitement and awesomeness to the present inside it.  

Well, I don't plan to make the non believers of gift wrapping change their ways but I won't let them bother me when I declare my love for gift wrapping. In fact, one of my shallow dreams (everyone I told about this had their own shallow dream, by the way) was to work at the gift wrapping station at SM. When mom would buy something at SM Department store when I was a kid (even now, actually) I would insist she have it gift wrapped for free (even if there was a long line). Usually, around the gift wrapping station would be all things gift wrapping related. To some this would be known as "useless add ons" to me it was heaven! I even learned a trick or two from gift wrapping as I watched the workers there. At one branc, I saw them use this small board (it looks like a chalk eraser) to crease the wrapper so it would fit perfectly on the item being wrapped. As expected, i made my own board and creased all the wrapper i could get my hands on from the day I learned about it. I copied the way they folded their paperbags ("paper bagging" is some thing i have mastered by now, by the way), how they would place ribbons, even how they placed tape behind the cards. I could go one forever about my addiction (I can't think of a better word to describe my relationship with gift wrapping, so addiction will have to do) but I wouldn't burden you with that. I'll just go on and show you some pictures of this year's Christmas gifts...

I used the blue thing ( i don't know what it's called! ) to wrap the present before I put it in the paper bag. I let some of the blue stuff stick out of the bag for dramatic effect. HAHA!

Every year I make Christmas cards for all the presents. This year, I made 3 variations - yellow bell, red sock and green gift. (The green gift can't be seen in the photo)

This is just some of the gifts (including gifts for our kuya water delivery boys). I wrapped fewer gifts this year compared to last year because my mom told me not to wrap the others because they each came with their own paper bags from the store. Boo Hoo! Also, the other gifts i wrapped were already given to the people they were meant for (included here are all the presents my sisters had me wrap for the christmas party: for their classmates, for their exchange gift, even for their teachers!)

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