THEORY: Opposite attracts? Not.

My youngest sister, Amanda and I are very much the same in many ways. I can honestly say that I see myself in her. When I hear that line in movies, even in real life, I always think the speaker is just flattering themselves by comparing themselves to someone who is good at something. I don't think anyone would claim someone to be like them who isn't any good, right? (Or maybe that's just me). Well, based on all the movies I've watched, the younger future hero or heir to the senior person in the flick reminds the senior of themselves when they were younger. Oh isn't that such a convenient coincidence.

Anyway, when I say I see myself in my sister, i don't mean any thing but that. We have the same temper (we get irritated by the slightest things and release our anger on whoever is within our reach), we have the same voice (double bass, haha!), we like to draw and do films (she acts, i direct), we both like to do everything (she wants to draw, to dance, to sing, be a rock star, be an actress, travel the world, and a whole lot more! I remember her complaining to me one day that she might not have time to do everything she wants! Oh my, she's just as ambitious as I am!). Sometimes we're too similar, we clash! We both have short tempers so when we get pissed at each other, prepare for war! We both have deep and loud voices which we use a lot since we shout a lot! So when we start opening our mouths, prepare your ear drums for the deepest noise it will ever hear.


even if we fight a lot, we get along even more! she's always willing to act for all my filming adventures. We always get along when it comes to art, too! When I bring out my paper and pencils, she'd be more than excited to sit beside me and doodle along. She also shares the same curiosity as me, so we like to watch, listen and do new things just for the sake of it. Sometimes her curiosity gets annoying though, coz her questions feels like they're never going to end but then again, so are my questions! :)

Opposites may attract, but Similars attract even more. :D

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