THEORY: Santa Santa

Tuesday, I went with Jose to bring his Tito home. On the way, we passed by a shop that sells all things Santa. I saw Santa of all colors and even race! It got me thinking how much Caucasians dominated everything. Even our "mascot" for Christmas is symbolized by a white person. So it was really nice when i saw a chinese Santa dressed in a gold suit (like Buddha).

Anyways, when i get kids of my own, I will try to recreate a Santa in their minds. And I will try my best to make them believe in Santa until they're  around 10. My parents didn't really hide the truth behind Santa to me. I always knew Daddy or Mommy was Santa Claus. I think the magic of Santa Clause is something every child should have nad I most definitely won't take that away from my child. ;)

This is the shop. Jose is the one in stripes.

Different Santas! I especially like the one where the butt is sticking out! Haha! :D

Tried to get a shot of myself (secretly!)

NOTE: All the shots were taken from my phone so sorry for the quality!

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