THEORY & STORY: Who doesn't love Pancit Canton?

So its a Monday and I don't have any classes today. But I did go to school this morning to meet with Sir Gerronimo and get started on my thesis research. Oh Golly gee! Researching is hard suff! I probably read 20 different journals today and read about the same amount of articles online. I was able to get some information but not the information I could submit. I read a lot of nes articles, editorials and blogs but none of them is 'qualified' as thesis resources so all of the information is for my brain only. Its only now I experienced sitting in the library floor reading book after book. By the way, ProQuest (the online database) is rather useless for my research so boohoo.

The highlight of my day so far (sadly) is eating a good bowl of Lucky Me Pancit Canton. Like many products we all love and enjoy, it has 3 qualities. Before I continue with the said qualities, I warn you that this is just on eof the many ways I try to be an expert in some right. So for today, I try to experiment on being the expert at Lucky Me and products that are of the same kind. So back to the qualities...

  1. CHEAP - All of the products we love are within the average of the products of its kind. Coca Cola for example is priced almost the same as the products of its kind. Even with its massive following, it never gets priced more than the average. Same goes with Marlboro and McDonalds.
  2. EVERYWHERE - This products are everywhere! You know a product has reached "crowd favorite" status when there are two branches (or stalls) of it that are of walking distance a part but have no difficulty sharing the consumers. Some McDonalds are just a block away but not one of the two seems to be suffering from sales. Lucky Me Pancit Canton is sold in all sari sari stores but all stores seem to sell a good number of these tasty instant noodles everyday.
  3. CONSTANT - This is the big check in the checklist of all favoritable favorites - it must be constant. Unlike other products in the market (the non favorites), these favorites do not release new variants or change their look or taste all too often. They also do not need many image change since they've been tried and tasted. Marlboro has always had the same campaign, look and feel. So does Coke, McDonalds and of course, Lucky Me Pancit Canton!
You may also add to the list (but I'd rather not) that these favorites of ours must have something bad for our health! HAHA. Be it too much sugar, msg, preservatives or even something bad for thje lungs (you could probably guess which this is), all of our favorites sadly isn't our body's favorite. So, just like all the good things in life, we must take these favorites with moderation so we can have a lot more years to enjoy it with.

Getting ready to dig into my bowl of
ChiliMansi Lucky Me Pancit Canton!
I'm wearing the T-Shirt I painted for P.E. Class
during my first year of college.

Yum. Yum. Yum.
Enjoying my Pancit Canton (I had 2 bowls full, by the way) with a glass of equally delicious Coke. I cooked 4 packs which I shared with my sisters.


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