STORY: Copy or Art?

For my first 2 years of College, I had to take a lot of General Education subjects and a few Mass Communication classes. From the very beginning I already new I wanted to take Advertising so when Junior year came and we finally got to choose our minor tracks,  I couldn't have been more excited. Advertising became a whole lot clearer to me since then. And although I have encountered some Advertising lingo before this semester, it's only now I can say that I totally, totally get it (and yes, I had to double the totally).

In Advertising, there is a lot of division of labor. There are people for this and that but above all those, I see myself entering into the creative side of the job. The creative side is further divided into 2 - copywriters and art directors. The copywriters are in charge of the words which we (yes, we. this is me assuming i am part of a "we") call copy.The art directors on the other hand are in charge of the visual aspect. The struggle for me at first was knowing which one should go first, copy or art? I would find out later on that it depends on how you want to go about it. In my case, I usually think of a "rough" copy then find a visual to go with it. When I finally find a good visual representation of the rough copy, I rewrite my copy to be catchier. I don't know if I'm doing it right or not, but so far it has worked for me! :)

So that same process of creating an ad is what I used and shared with my groupmates when we recently did a project for my Copywriting class. These are the copies that we (We were a team of 3 - Me, Edrei & Erika) have brought to life by finding places around school where they could fit and catch attention.

We had to do 3 products which was collectively called the ALL DAY TEAM. Red Bull for all day energy, Pond's for all day oil free skin and Rexona for all day protection.

We decided to place the ad on the turnstile at Gate 1. The real ID scanner has a small white thing that should be the oil from the face of the ID picture. We wanted to say "your face is so oily, even your ID photo is oily!" Right beside it, we thought of putting a sticker with an ID that looks like its being swiped into a sticker ID scanner. With Pond's you can swipe away that oily skin. We used the word SWIPE as key word here, since its is an ID scanner.

Red Bull
This is my favorite, first because I thought of it and second because no one else did it. I personally would have laughed at this ad when I see it but I would still totally get it! Do you? The arrow going to the left is pointing at the elevator, while the arrow pointing to the right is pointing at the stairs.

Red Bull (cont)
When the elevator opens, this is what you see.

This is quite gross but it definitely would catch your attention! We decided to place the ad at Social Hall where students frequent to study and well, hang out. We thought of placing a sticker in the shape of someone who was sleeping on the table. We then placed some armpit stains on the silhouette to show that there something gross happening under her pits! HAHA. We couldn't stop laughing at this while we were making it but we thought it did the job we wanted it to do so we stuck with it. It is also very relatable since the students actually do sleep at the Social hall sometimes... just not sure about the armpit sweat part.

THEORY: New Olay?

I'm no Advertising expert (but I hope to be) but I pretty much figured out how Olay packages itself. Compared to Pond's who targets younger women, Olay is for the older women who still want to look young. That being stuck in my head, I was pretty surprised when their new ad came out.

Olay's ads are always in brown and yellows so using blue and white is a very drastic change from the usual. So I believe this is them trying to sell to a younger market. You think it will work? Let's wait and see.

STORY: Diet Season Begins

My dream of slipping into a bikini before I reach 20 is quickly going to be a failed one if I don't act now! This is my last year as a teen and I better get bikini ready by summer or else I would miss out on wearing something I can never wear (unless i'm really gutsy) again!

So, diet season officially begins. I must lose all the pounds my dad has forcibly caused me to gain. I have been underweight for 4 years since I started dieting during sophomore year High school. My dad was very unhappy with my skinny figure so he told me that I should be 125 pounds (which is normal for my height) before I can regain my full privileges (whatever privileges those are, maybe next time!). I struggled regaining my weight since then and now that I have reached more than what my dad wanted me to reach, I must lose a few of the extra pounds.

Fingers crossed that come March, I could fit into the perfect bikini (which i'm still on the look out for). The confidence to strut it down the shore without any cover up is another issue, let's worry about that then. :)

I want a piece that isn't too, uhm, how do you put it, lacking clothe? I still want the top and bottom to cover as much as it could. I believe if i wore this bikini, it wouldn't look as risque as this! :) I like that the straps of the top comes from the side. I have been seraching mall to mall for a top like this but to no avail! :(

If only I could wear one like this! Hihi. I like the neckline of the top, just hope the bottom could be a little on the thicker side. I also like how the color makes it feel all the more summer-y!

Beside the fact that Lindsay Lohan is wearing it (I am a self confessed LiLo fan), I'm really hoping to find a bikini with the top with print and the bottom a solid color.

If I could find a bikini with the straps of the top and shape of the bottom of the first photo, the neckline of the second photo and the colors of the third photo, then that would be the dream swimwear! :)

STORY: Candy Article = down!

I'm finally done with my Candy article about Valentine's songs. I can't wait for it to come out since there will be one up for every day of February! :) We get paid per article published so I don't know if each day counts as one article each or if everything is counted as one. I'm hoping its the first one then that would mean a lot of moolah! ;) HAHA! Well, whether I get paid or not (I wasn't paid for my first 2-3 months, by the way), I enjoy being part of so it's no biggie. The moolah is just the cherry on top the already yummy ice cream. Three cheers for getting the job done (at last)!

Check my stuff out here.

Screen shot of my first ever article!

THEORY: Going Back In Time

I believe that when you do, see or try something from way back whenever, you go back to that time.
For example when I hear the song "Love moves in mysterious ways" I remember my preteen summer days when I had my first big crush, or when I see the speech laboratory in my former high school I will always remember the first day I became a girlfriend to someone.

This is what happened to me last night when I ate Air Heads for the first time in years! I remember my grade school days when I would spend what money i had to buy some at the school canteen. I couldn't remember what it tasted like anymore but I remember the texture very well. I took one bite of it and I felt I was in grade 5 with my classmates during recess. :)

STORY: Maan & Renniel's Wedding

This would be the first wedding I attended as a grown up. The last wedding I've been to was about 7 years ago which would make me 12 years old then! I've always found weddings boring and only went for the food and the other kids. And in cases where I would be the flower girl, the dress, the hair and the flowers would be what I would look forward to.

I never really paid attention to the ceremony before so I was pretty attentive during Maan & Renniel's wedding. All these years I never quite understood why people got teary eyed during weddings but this time, I felt the tears in the corner of my eyes - and Maan or Renniel were neither my relatives or close friends! Maan is Jose's cousin who I have been acquainted with long before but we never really talked much and I saw Renniel for the first time during the wedding. But the song, the church, & the thought of uniting two people regardless if I knew them or not, would definitely make me cry any day.

Here are some of the photos of my first grown up wedding (By the way, did i tell you my sister was a flower girl? There was a lack of little girls to fill the part and Amanda was more than willing to step in! Haha.)

The 2 Flower Girls. I remember when I used to be one. :)

I love this photo! I took it, btw.

The bride & groom.

Mom came along to see her little girl walk down the aisle! (That sounded weird. haha)

I refused to have my photo taken this day hence the loooong face.

Such a cute photo.

Amanda even played prayer leader!

I didn't eat much that night because I didn't eat the food served (I don't eat seafood or peaches which is in the photo).

The cutting of the cake.

The father and daughter dance. This would make me cry off the bat.

Mini versions of Jose & I.

THEORY: Usher is a Mind Reader

The song best describes how I feel. 'THANK GOD THE WEEK IS DONE. I FEEL LIKE A ZOMBIE GONE BACK TO LIFE (BACK TO LIFE)' Thank you Usher for singing my sentiments! It's like you read my mind! Here's to a weekend of slacking off! Don't we all deserve that? ;)

THEORY: Things must come to an end

Its been  few days since i last posted anything but its not because of a lack of stories to tell, rather a lack of time. I've been pretty busy with school (which actually seems all blurry at the moment) and I am hopeful that next week will give me a little breather. Its midterms week and tomorrow will be the deadliest finale' - Communication Research. I am not the type who does all nighters just to study. I usually just skim through my notes since I pretty much get the lesson in class. But with ComRes, it's totally different! I have to read everything all over since when we discussed it in class, everything went by so fast! Because of ComRes and the ton of stress that comes along with it, I wish College would just end. I always said that I should enjoy the time I have left to be a student since I'll be working for the rest of my life but I can't habdle the stress anymore. Algebra, statistics, even History was stress I could handle (even if those subjects aren't my favorite of the bunch) but ComRes just blows the stress out of proportion! I'm not exaggerating. When ComRes class begins, everyone holds their breathe and prays they survive the next 3 hours either by not being called on or by being called when they know the answer.

God I pray I pass my midterm exams. Because if the material we have to study for half the semester is this stressful, I don't even want to know how much more there is in store for finals. I better make sure I get a good grade so no matter what happens down the road, I could at least hope to pass. But getting a passing grade lower than A is another battle I have to face with my mother. That deserves another post... then again, never mind.

THEORY: Addicting Songs

This song is so addicting when the only part I can sing is blue and dabududabudaydabudidabuday!

THEORY: Butterfly's Cocoon

I know this "idea' is very overused but i'll go on and talk about it anyway.

We all know how the struggle of getting out of the cocoon of the caterpillar is what makes it a beautiful butterfly when it finally becomes free. This is why we can't "help" the caterpillar by cutting the cocoon and setting him free easily since it would leave him shrivelled. It just goes to show that good things in life (most, if not all) has to go through a process which more often than not is difficult. Going through shortcuts may just give us results short of what we want... and no one wants to look shrivelled, butterfly or not.

Sure, the story made me "appreciate" struggles in life, but that's easy to say when its hypothetical! When you actually are in the struggle, "appreciation" isn't very easy to do. Today, during Advertising Management class, my formerly hypothetical appreciation was put to the test.

We had to create a campaign based on the strategy we did last year. We were supposed to "sell" our school to the target audience which is the "away parent." Boy, was it more difficult than i thought. Schools aren't very easy to sell after all! We proposed idea after idea and our professor always found something lacking, something wrong or something that could be further improved. My head started to hurt from all the thinking! I love creating campaigns but I don't like what I'm selling right now so maybe that's why I can't get the ideas I usually come up with naturally. (I know I can't choose what to sell, but I hope I could! Haha)

My head isn't hurting anymore (maybe becase I just saw a movie which was pretty good. Hilarious actually. "Little Fockers" But I'll talk about next time) so i'll give the campaign another go. Hopefully this time, I get somewhere. Hopefully I get some good ideas. Hopefully all these struggles would truly make me a [preferrably beautiful] butterfly.

THEORY: Stress Relief

I want to do so many things, but I have so little time and so little of me. My brain is thinking of one thing while my body is trying to finish something else. A little blogging keeps my stressmometer to a stable level. I pray i don't blow up anytime soon (And no, I don't mean figuratively.)

STORY: Dragon Noodles

Jose introduced me to Dragon (A Dimsum Restaurant along Malate) about a year or so ago and I am forever grateful for that! I didn't like their dimsum noodles' soup before but I have learned to love 'em! Now I can finish a full bowl of Beef Wanton noodles. Yum! (My dad loves them so much, too that he always asks me to bring him some for take out!)

Beef Wanton Noodles!
(I have never tried anything else after all the times I ate at Dragon!)
You must try their Fried Dumplings. You can't find dumplings like theirs anywhere else. Promise.

I finally got to wear the new blue balllet flats with floral print that Jose bought for me from his trip to HK. ;) I also wore the pink cardigan he bought from HK, too. :D

I do not like and will never like hot tea. They always serve this for free but I never touch it.
Also, their chili sauce is the best! Their already delicious food gets even better with just a bit of this. (You can see how good the food is with our wipe out bowls!)

STORY: More Sprouse Love!

THEORY: Disney Teen Overload

I love Disney, and this is just bursting with it (minus the some Disney stars I do not like, though)


How I wish TV shows aired in the Philippines the same time they air abroad. Now I have to wait for this to show for a very long time. Bummer.

THEORY: Photography

Boy, did I have to learn this the hard way. Photography isn't for everybody. I used to think anyone with a camer can be a photographer. Just add some good lighting, a good model and some stable hold on the camera and you're good to go... but I am wrong! Photography needs talent and skill which I apparently do not have! I still want to try my hand on it though and my failed photos will (hopefully) get better in time. I am way better at editing photos (that I can say takes skill, too!) than taking photos. Here are some of the actual photos I took during new year of my ever willing cousins and the edited ones...

I've always wanted to cover an event, but until my photography skills get any better I won't risk someone's perfect moments getting lost into blurry shots. Here's to trying new things and getting better at them. The new year isn't any more of a perfect time to get out there and learn what needs to be and try what the world has to offer. :) Happy New Year!