STORY: Copy or Art?

For my first 2 years of College, I had to take a lot of General Education subjects and a few Mass Communication classes. From the very beginning I already new I wanted to take Advertising so when Junior year came and we finally got to choose our minor tracks,  I couldn't have been more excited. Advertising became a whole lot clearer to me since then. And although I have encountered some Advertising lingo before this semester, it's only now I can say that I totally, totally get it (and yes, I had to double the totally).

In Advertising, there is a lot of division of labor. There are people for this and that but above all those, I see myself entering into the creative side of the job. The creative side is further divided into 2 - copywriters and art directors. The copywriters are in charge of the words which we (yes, we. this is me assuming i am part of a "we") call copy.The art directors on the other hand are in charge of the visual aspect. The struggle for me at first was knowing which one should go first, copy or art? I would find out later on that it depends on how you want to go about it. In my case, I usually think of a "rough" copy then find a visual to go with it. When I finally find a good visual representation of the rough copy, I rewrite my copy to be catchier. I don't know if I'm doing it right or not, but so far it has worked for me! :)

So that same process of creating an ad is what I used and shared with my groupmates when we recently did a project for my Copywriting class. These are the copies that we (We were a team of 3 - Me, Edrei & Erika) have brought to life by finding places around school where they could fit and catch attention.

We had to do 3 products which was collectively called the ALL DAY TEAM. Red Bull for all day energy, Pond's for all day oil free skin and Rexona for all day protection.

We decided to place the ad on the turnstile at Gate 1. The real ID scanner has a small white thing that should be the oil from the face of the ID picture. We wanted to say "your face is so oily, even your ID photo is oily!" Right beside it, we thought of putting a sticker with an ID that looks like its being swiped into a sticker ID scanner. With Pond's you can swipe away that oily skin. We used the word SWIPE as key word here, since its is an ID scanner.

Red Bull
This is my favorite, first because I thought of it and second because no one else did it. I personally would have laughed at this ad when I see it but I would still totally get it! Do you? The arrow going to the left is pointing at the elevator, while the arrow pointing to the right is pointing at the stairs.

Red Bull (cont)
When the elevator opens, this is what you see.

This is quite gross but it definitely would catch your attention! We decided to place the ad at Social Hall where students frequent to study and well, hang out. We thought of placing a sticker in the shape of someone who was sleeping on the table. We then placed some armpit stains on the silhouette to show that there something gross happening under her pits! HAHA. We couldn't stop laughing at this while we were making it but we thought it did the job we wanted it to do so we stuck with it. It is also very relatable since the students actually do sleep at the Social hall sometimes... just not sure about the armpit sweat part.

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