STORY: Diet Season Begins

My dream of slipping into a bikini before I reach 20 is quickly going to be a failed one if I don't act now! This is my last year as a teen and I better get bikini ready by summer or else I would miss out on wearing something I can never wear (unless i'm really gutsy) again!

So, diet season officially begins. I must lose all the pounds my dad has forcibly caused me to gain. I have been underweight for 4 years since I started dieting during sophomore year High school. My dad was very unhappy with my skinny figure so he told me that I should be 125 pounds (which is normal for my height) before I can regain my full privileges (whatever privileges those are, maybe next time!). I struggled regaining my weight since then and now that I have reached more than what my dad wanted me to reach, I must lose a few of the extra pounds.

Fingers crossed that come March, I could fit into the perfect bikini (which i'm still on the look out for). The confidence to strut it down the shore without any cover up is another issue, let's worry about that then. :)

I want a piece that isn't too, uhm, how do you put it, lacking clothe? I still want the top and bottom to cover as much as it could. I believe if i wore this bikini, it wouldn't look as risque as this! :) I like that the straps of the top comes from the side. I have been seraching mall to mall for a top like this but to no avail! :(

If only I could wear one like this! Hihi. I like the neckline of the top, just hope the bottom could be a little on the thicker side. I also like how the color makes it feel all the more summer-y!

Beside the fact that Lindsay Lohan is wearing it (I am a self confessed LiLo fan), I'm really hoping to find a bikini with the top with print and the bottom a solid color.

If I could find a bikini with the straps of the top and shape of the bottom of the first photo, the neckline of the second photo and the colors of the third photo, then that would be the dream swimwear! :)

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Jose said...

i like the first one!