STORY: Maan & Renniel's Wedding

This would be the first wedding I attended as a grown up. The last wedding I've been to was about 7 years ago which would make me 12 years old then! I've always found weddings boring and only went for the food and the other kids. And in cases where I would be the flower girl, the dress, the hair and the flowers would be what I would look forward to.

I never really paid attention to the ceremony before so I was pretty attentive during Maan & Renniel's wedding. All these years I never quite understood why people got teary eyed during weddings but this time, I felt the tears in the corner of my eyes - and Maan or Renniel were neither my relatives or close friends! Maan is Jose's cousin who I have been acquainted with long before but we never really talked much and I saw Renniel for the first time during the wedding. But the song, the church, & the thought of uniting two people regardless if I knew them or not, would definitely make me cry any day.

Here are some of the photos of my first grown up wedding (By the way, did i tell you my sister was a flower girl? There was a lack of little girls to fill the part and Amanda was more than willing to step in! Haha.)

The 2 Flower Girls. I remember when I used to be one. :)

I love this photo! I took it, btw.

The bride & groom.

Mom came along to see her little girl walk down the aisle! (That sounded weird. haha)

I refused to have my photo taken this day hence the loooong face.

Such a cute photo.

Amanda even played prayer leader!

I didn't eat much that night because I didn't eat the food served (I don't eat seafood or peaches which is in the photo).

The cutting of the cake.

The father and daughter dance. This would make me cry off the bat.

Mini versions of Jose & I.

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