THEORY: Butterfly's Cocoon

I know this "idea' is very overused but i'll go on and talk about it anyway.

We all know how the struggle of getting out of the cocoon of the caterpillar is what makes it a beautiful butterfly when it finally becomes free. This is why we can't "help" the caterpillar by cutting the cocoon and setting him free easily since it would leave him shrivelled. It just goes to show that good things in life (most, if not all) has to go through a process which more often than not is difficult. Going through shortcuts may just give us results short of what we want... and no one wants to look shrivelled, butterfly or not.

Sure, the story made me "appreciate" struggles in life, but that's easy to say when its hypothetical! When you actually are in the struggle, "appreciation" isn't very easy to do. Today, during Advertising Management class, my formerly hypothetical appreciation was put to the test.

We had to create a campaign based on the strategy we did last year. We were supposed to "sell" our school to the target audience which is the "away parent." Boy, was it more difficult than i thought. Schools aren't very easy to sell after all! We proposed idea after idea and our professor always found something lacking, something wrong or something that could be further improved. My head started to hurt from all the thinking! I love creating campaigns but I don't like what I'm selling right now so maybe that's why I can't get the ideas I usually come up with naturally. (I know I can't choose what to sell, but I hope I could! Haha)

My head isn't hurting anymore (maybe becase I just saw a movie which was pretty good. Hilarious actually. "Little Fockers" But I'll talk about next time) so i'll give the campaign another go. Hopefully this time, I get somewhere. Hopefully I get some good ideas. Hopefully all these struggles would truly make me a [preferrably beautiful] butterfly.

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