THEORY: Photography

Boy, did I have to learn this the hard way. Photography isn't for everybody. I used to think anyone with a camer can be a photographer. Just add some good lighting, a good model and some stable hold on the camera and you're good to go... but I am wrong! Photography needs talent and skill which I apparently do not have! I still want to try my hand on it though and my failed photos will (hopefully) get better in time. I am way better at editing photos (that I can say takes skill, too!) than taking photos. Here are some of the actual photos I took during new year of my ever willing cousins and the edited ones...

I've always wanted to cover an event, but until my photography skills get any better I won't risk someone's perfect moments getting lost into blurry shots. Here's to trying new things and getting better at them. The new year isn't any more of a perfect time to get out there and learn what needs to be and try what the world has to offer. :) Happy New Year!

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