THEORY: Things must come to an end

Its been  few days since i last posted anything but its not because of a lack of stories to tell, rather a lack of time. I've been pretty busy with school (which actually seems all blurry at the moment) and I am hopeful that next week will give me a little breather. Its midterms week and tomorrow will be the deadliest finale' - Communication Research. I am not the type who does all nighters just to study. I usually just skim through my notes since I pretty much get the lesson in class. But with ComRes, it's totally different! I have to read everything all over since when we discussed it in class, everything went by so fast! Because of ComRes and the ton of stress that comes along with it, I wish College would just end. I always said that I should enjoy the time I have left to be a student since I'll be working for the rest of my life but I can't habdle the stress anymore. Algebra, statistics, even History was stress I could handle (even if those subjects aren't my favorite of the bunch) but ComRes just blows the stress out of proportion! I'm not exaggerating. When ComRes class begins, everyone holds their breathe and prays they survive the next 3 hours either by not being called on or by being called when they know the answer.

God I pray I pass my midterm exams. Because if the material we have to study for half the semester is this stressful, I don't even want to know how much more there is in store for finals. I better make sure I get a good grade so no matter what happens down the road, I could at least hope to pass. But getting a passing grade lower than A is another battle I have to face with my mother. That deserves another post... then again, never mind.

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