STORY: Imagesucks!

My blog is a mess as of now because all my GIF's are unregistered via imageshack. Ugh! Its so irritating that instead of blogging I have to attend to the stupid imageshack signs saying my photos are gone! :/

STORY: The Rai Rai Ken Disaster

Is it just me or is the title of this post similar to The Big Bang Theory's episode titles? Speaking of TBBT, I really miss watching that show online but the fast approaching summer vacation tells me that I can finally get back to that soon.

Anyway, let's get back to my "Rai Rai Ken Disaster" story. Here it goes:

Jose & I had lunch at Rai Rai Ken at Makati after school. He knew the owner of the place and wanted to see what it was like (although it is a franchise so its pretty much the same anywhere!) We ordered the usual gyoza and gooey thingy (check the photo, I forgot what's it called. I think its fish eggs or something) plus the yummy rice platter. We tried something new this time by ordering the sizzling beef and vegetables (the dishes have their japanese names but I just can't remember what they are at the moment).

So after we ordered everything, we started to get impatient after 5-10 minutes of waiting. Its safe to assume that we were very hungry already so the few minutes of waiting felt like forever! When the food finally came at 12:50pm, we dug in. The gyoza came a few minutes earlier by the way so by the time the rest of the food came, only 3 out of the 6 were left.

Fast forward to 1:05pm, all the plates were empty, even the rice platter which (according to the menu) was for 3-5 people! Jose & I didn't notice how fast we finished all the food since we just ate everything up! When we looked up and saw that all the food was finished, we checked the time and found out that it has just been 15 minutes!

We didn't know how to react to our "speedy" eating. We noticed that the waiters and waitresses were looking and talking about us. Maybe its because they had just turned their back at us a few minutes earlier after serving our food and looked at us again only to find that all the food was gone! I even heard the word "taob" from afar. It was so embarrassing we didn't know whether to ask for the bill already or try to save face by eating the last pieces of rice very, very slowly.

Jose tried to convince me (and himself) that we are paying customers and how we eat (or how fast we do so) is none of the waiters and waitresses business. However we both knew that this isn't enough to save ourselves from embarrassment! We decided to just pay the bill as fast as we could and dash out of the place.

Its another obvious assumption that we won't EVER go back to that place again however the speed of our chewing and swallowing is a different story. ;P

STORY: Campaign Manager signing off

You know the Student Council elections is just around the corner when Miting de Avance has began. As campaign manager, I wanted the last day of campaign to be big, bold and some other adjective with a B. I went all out. Jose & I even went to 168 Mall at divisoria the night before just to buy balloons to be given away to the crowd. (Our divisoria trip is another adventure!)

Its sad though that not much people turned up for the event. When i had my miting de avance last year, people were even standing since all the seats were taken. The crowd would be cheering for the bets and the candidates were all the more pumped to give their speech. However, this year's MDA left the social hall almost half empty. I was sad for my candidates and for my balloons as well since not much would see them. In my last effort to help my candidates, I went around the campus trying to convince people to watch but to no avail. Thank God some of my classmates watched and agreed to stay until everyone gave their speeches.

The event was a 3 out of 5 in my book but the real awaited event is the announcement of winners. Unfortunately, the campaign manager can no longer do anything to help.

Campaign manager officially signing off.

The balloons and the flyers yours truly designed and produced!

Praying as a team before the event.

The venue.

The front row was hardly filled.

There were no green balloons in 168 so i settled for pink. I just had green ribbons added.

The make-do stand for our poster. ;)

THEORY: Amusement is not only for the

I would appear so childish and ignorant by saying this but I will say it anyway... I found this car park very amusing! So amusing in fact I took the time to take this video. But as childish and ignorant as I already am by recording this, jose was even more of that! I wanted to leave after seeing one car move around, he wanted to stay for the other car waiting to be put down!

We were in a hurry so he had to push his childish amusement aside and buy some balloons* since all the stores were closing (Is it just me or was the last sentence so confusing?)
*We needed the balloons for campaign by the way just in case you thought otherwise. :P

THEORY: 24 hours is not enough!

I recently joined this unique guerilla film making marathon with Pam, Pya & Karl. What is the contest about? Well, its simple. A group made up of 4 members must create a short film that is 20 minutes long withing 24 hours. It sounds simple but believe me when I say that the experience is the exact opposite! By the way the competition is aptly called Twenty[24]Quatro.

We had classes that day so we attended only our first class so we could join the competition at 9am. It was quite embarrassing that we appeared at the starting point in heels and skirt but we just shove it off. We wanted to join and shame isn't stopping us. This is a giant leap for me after my depression stage but I believe this is the sign that I have overcame it already. I'm bouncing back and I'm starting with this.

After the quick orientation, the rest of the day was a giant blur! We started off slow and calm but towards noon we were all getting nervous. Time was running out! To make things even more difficult, we were required to include 4 different locations in the film (The locations were announced at the day of the competiton so some adjustments had to be made to our original script) which cost us time because of all the travelling. I owe jose big time for skipping class and driving for us from 9am to 11pm.

Jose was my saviour this day. He helped us from transpo to equipment. He even directed a scene at one point. Thank you very much! :)

After 13 hours of shooting (plus travel and breaks of course) we finally wrapped up but we were still far from over. We reached my house at 11pm dead tired. But we still had editing to do which wasn't a very easy task. We had hours worth of clips which we had to weave together to form a beautiful film. Doing such with brains half asleep and eyes half closed is close to impossible. We tried to take turns but editing (at laest for me) isn't something a group can do. If you have 3 or 4 people edit certain parts of the film then the style would change. But we were desperate so we had no choice. The result then was sloppy editing with a few major glitches.

Here is the video (Think you can spot the glitches?):

Akala Mo Lobo Title, Noh?

The poster (Jose took this photo!)

I know we could have done better both with the execution and the editing if we were given more time. But I'm pretty okay with what came out of our 24 hours. Our concept was a tad more complex than we thought and we didn't realize that until the editing stage.

Well mistakes were made and lessons were learned. Given a chance, would I have done the movie another way? Surprisingly, no. ;) And don't ask me why 'cause i don't know either. :P

All the entries that reached the finish lines were screened the following week at the SDA Cinema. I guess that was an award in itself. ;)

The Screening Schedule

STORY: Gustav Cafe

Its pretty hard to beat last year's Valentine's Day since it was the BEST ever, so for this year's love day I wasn't expecting much. But surprised I was when my guy came through with something not as extravagant as last year's but something more spontaneous. We went to a pretty far place just to eat at this cute little cafe. It was such a romantic adventure that next year's Vday will have a hard time topping it again.

We finally got to the place before the sun finally set and we left at 330pm! It took us that long!

I forgot what this was called but it's chicken logs with cheese.
Its the right combination of crunchy and chewy. The outer layer is crunchy from the breading and the inside is chewy with all the cheese! The dip is good, too.

I ordered the Tenderloin Steak.
The beef was tender and the sauce is a little like coffee at first. The mushrooms were huge (which wasn't good since i dont eat 'em), too! It tastes good but I had better.

Jose ordered the Lengua with mushroom sauce + gigantic mushrooms. I hate Lengua so i didn't bother tasting it. I tried the sauce though and it tasted yum! The siding was yummy by the way, very buttery. ;)

What sucked with the cafe was they had a lot of cakes on display but they only had one for sale. The rest were either reserved or had to bought whole. Good thing the ONLY one available tasted good.

The place was pretty small but was decorated very nicely. They had huge photos of the Eiffel Tower from different angles all over, warm lighting from the pretty lamps, and cozy chairs.

Since it was Vday, they served us free wine and chocolates

To top it all off, they had a 10 feet (my estimate) version of the eiffel tower inside the cafe and a 15 feet (my estimate again)version outside. :)

For the rest of the Vday celebration, I might just post that next time or not! :P

STORY: About Me

For the longest time I left my ABOUT ME section on facebook blank. I just didn't have the time to fill it up. But finally I had the patience and determination to type in the information only I can share.

Its sad though, since during the past years I would regularly update this section with all the grammar checks and rhymes sometimes (via Friendster & Multiply) but since times have changed, this "About Me" will have to do for the next year or so (or whenever i get the time to edit it again).

-- START --

Appreciates a good debate.
Believes it's exercise for the brain.

Wants to be [always] right and will appear obnoxious,
stubborn and bossy in the process.

Wants to be good at what she does
(see: perfectionist) and is trying to let loose [sometimes].

Works for the common good
and can disregard emotions of one or two people in the group.
Strict. Fair. Consistent.
I can sleep at night knowing one or two people are cursing my guts
if I know they got what they deserve
but will be up for weeks knowing one got more or less
than she should have.

Stands for what she believes in (even if she's wrong)
and admires people who do the same.

Admires indepedent anything (film, music, art)
Applauds people who are brave enough to try their luck on their own.

Used to be painfully passive and now is annoyingly active.

Tries to be cool and mysterious but is too talkative to achieve such.

Loves Disney, then, now, to infinity and beyond.
(and will never be ashamed to declare it)

Likes what is good, interesting and well done
rather than what everyone else likes.

Thinks she is funny and laughs at her own jokes (Now, laugh.)

Sucks at sports, dancing, in short any physical activity
but amazed by people who are good at 'em.

Gets obssessive about things she enjoys
(searches it, studies it, memorizes it).
Be it a computer program or a celebrity.

Listens to random genres of music.

Oddly idolizes ex-convicts like Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears
(believes they will find their way back.)

Struggles to act her age (always too young or too old.)

Is a work in progress but thinks she's getting there.

-- END --

STORY: New Discovery

My classmate Soleil and I discovered a new place to eat. I forgot to take note of the name but its the store about 2 stalls from Tattles. If you don't know Tattles then its a canteen located near DLS-College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica's College, Manila (where I study).

Soleil and some other classmates were supposed to dine at Cafe Cyrilla, the in house restaurant of my school that is run by the HRM students. I have never eaten there but they say its fine dining without the fine price. Too bad the place was full that day. The others decided to wait but Soleil and I headed out to find another place to dine.

We went out of the campus to eat at Migui's unfortunately it was also jam packed. I was okay to eat anywhere since I was just so happy i got to eat outside the school again. I have been so busy this past few weeks that the only time i have during lunch break is to sit, eat and run off. Sometimes I don't even have the time to sit, I eat and run! Even worse, there are days I don't eat or sit, I simply run off! So it was a great joy for me to actually enjoy my lunch break with someone. i missed chatting over a meal which i don't have to gobble up in a minute (although I do eat fast whether or not I'm in a hurry).

Again, i forgot the name of the place but i do remember that almost all the meals are priced at P70.00 each which comes with unlimited rice, iced tea and for some meals a vegetable siding. Soleil ordered the sizzling beef and mushroom which i took a bite out off. it tasted good. I had the beaf steak tagalog.

The place had a cowboy team and the old man who served me my plate looked like a cowboy! :) I asked him why I had siomai with my bistek and he said that it was the veggie side dish! It was so cute too that the plate was a heart! :D

Too bad i had to dash off earlier than Soleil. Jaimee had come by then so Soleil had company. I had a class earlier than theirs so I had to go ahead. At least, it was a few minutes more than the usual and i'm already happy with it. ;) By the way, I forgot to pay my meal (Yikes!) Good thing Soleil paid for it first then I just paid her back later. It totally slipped my mind. :P

STORY: Tin Can Overload

The past week my dad had a week-long training in the office. They were provided food, accomodations, everything! At the end of the week, my dad had so much credit left from his food allowance that he and his co-trainees spent it on purchasing canned items. He ended up bringing home a lot of softdrink in cans and green tea bottles!

So up to today (about 1 week and a half later) we still have canned Mountain Dew in our fridge. When we want a cold drink we just grab one right away. Although mom constantly reminds us that its bad for us and its this and that we drink anyways. C'mon its not every week our fridge if full of unhealthy beverages, right? We'll drink healthy next week! :D

STORY: Tikoy

I have never eaten Tikoy and I don't plan to. However, being the girlfriend of a Chinese guy makes it inevitable for me to encounter this sticky delicacy. For the past 3 years, he gives my family a box of tikoy every Chinese New Year unfortunately no one eats tikoy in our household. My dad eats a little but not enough to finish a box. It takes a pretty long time for the tikoy box to become empty with us.

In school, I have Chinese classmates. One of them, Marie, always brings a cooked batch of tikoy to school and shares it with everyone and I always just pass the box to the girl next to me. I am very curious though about how it tastes and it feels like (texture). It looks crunchy because of the egg layer but when my classmates bite it, it looks very sticky since it stretches like cheese. Although my curiosity is always overpowered by my "dislike" of its appearance. It looks like pale crunchy tongue! Anyways, I think this post is going to be pretty pointless so I'll just share some photos I took of the food I dedicated a whole post to.

Photo from Google

The box of Tikoy Jose gave me.

The cooked batch Marie gave to the class.

THEORY: Look Alikes

They say everyone has a long lost twin and I kind of believe that. There are a billion people alive in this world with the same body parts (eyes, nose, ears, mout, etc) so these features are bound to repeat at some point, right? I know nerds could show me the statistics of how many unique combination of features there could be but still, they could also compute the probability of coming up with the exact same features in one person, right? So before I sound like a nerd myself I shall make my point... I think I have the gift of spotting twins! :) I enjoy finding people who look like each other and the people I tell 'em to find themself laughing at the resemblances they fail to notice theirselves.

At this point, I shall leave the storytelling to the photos. Enjoy.

Charice Pempengco and my classmate Jess

I covered the eyes because that was what set them apart.
This is Camille Prats and my classmate Soleil.

Everyone saw this resemblance even without my help.
Kathryn Bernardo and Jaika.

I saw the resemblance the first time I watched Love Actually which wasn't too long ago.
This is my classmate Karl and Thomas Brodie Sangster

I immediately saw the resemblance between Jose (in blue) and the guy who is buying commemorative plates from him. They even moved synchronized! :) I shot this from inside the car since I couldn't stop laughing at the similarities (down to the clothes!)

I will hopefully add more of the look alikes I discover soon!

THEORY: Recognition

It always feels funny when you see yourself from another person's point of view. Confused? For example, it doesn't feel weird when I post my picture on facebook and place a caption on it but it feels weird when someone else posts that same picture on facebook with their own caption of it (even when it's a good thing)! Whether its a negative or a positive, you always suddenly find yourself examining yourself to see if what the other person said is true or not. We then feel weird about either not noticing this truth about ourselves or not believing how others see us.

If you are fine with seeing yourself being talked about then good for you but that isn't true for me. I believe I have crossed the shyness area of my being to the more expressive side but I am still not comfortable with seeing myself all over! I prefer posting my own photos I guess. Case in point: My tarpaulin in school! I know the school just wants to recognize students' achievements with what they're doing but I would appreciate a letter or a handshake better. It's just not comfortable for me to see my face every single day! Anyways, its already there so might as well show you what I'm talking about.

Plus its pink and floral! I know its Candy but next to the other tarpaulins I look so petty which is another reason I wish they hadn't put the tarpaulin up in the first place.

Recognition can be tricky. I guess there is just different ways of recognizing achievements for different people and this style (above) is definitely not mine (but then again, maybe its just the flowers. Hmmm)

THEORY: Classical Music

I'm not very into music. Although I do appreciate the contributions of music to our lives, I don't go as far as devoting my time in learning songs, feeling all sentimental over lyrics and chords or bothering to identify what genre of music I'm listening to. I listen to whatever music is available and what I feel sounds good, regardless of whether its a Micheal Buble, Backstreet Boys, Micheal Jackson, Sting or even a Justin Bieber song. If its good then I'll keep listening.

Well, for my Music Appreciation class we have to listen to classical music for an assignment. I am not fond of "regular" music much more "unique" music so this task isn't such a joy for me. It isn't hard to do its just something i don't find amusing. However, upon listening to some of the symphonies (and describing each one) I appreciated what "feeling" these kinds of music can evoke. I actually found myself picturing scenes where the symphonies could fit in and I warn you, my imagination can get pretty crazy!

Well long story short, whether you are a music lover or not, music will play a part in your life one way or another either by force (if you're taking up Music Appreciation like me), by chance (in public transportation, malls, etc.) or by choice. So learn to appreciate it since you have no choice anyway (like all the other things in life! More on that next time :D)

THEORY: Weird Car

I just don't get some things and during this particular day going to school, I just don't get the style of this car.
The bumper makes the car look like its sad! Can you see the long face? Then again, with the way this post is going, I'm the weird one. Moving on...

THEORY: Never gets old

There are some things that never get old. The things that no matter how many times you do, see or eat, they still are as good as the first time. For this post (since I just had some), I pay special attention to the yumminess of Paotsin fried sharksfin which my tastebuds never seem to get tired off. If you haven't tried one (Paotsin is everywhere these days), then you probably should. It's just P55 with rice! Now, I'm hungry. :/

THEORY: Campaign Managers

I believe campaign managers are responsible for at least 30% of the results of the election, so I'm really working hard on making the candidates win! Needless to say, i'm wearing the campaign manager's hat this student council elections season!

So, my job as campaign manager for the Bigkis Partylist for the Student Council Elections begins! Actually it began about a month or two ago when I started recruiting candidates but it officially started yesterday when campaign period began. I enjoyed making the posters - shooting, editing and reproducing! I even made sure every corner that we're allowed to post in is bombarded with posters. I just want to do everything I can so my candidates have a fair chance at winning. I hope my strategy works! :)

I decided to make the poster more attention grabbing by making it the opposite of what is expected. Campaign posters are usually very serious and boxey (full of boxes and corners) so i went with this friendly vibe poster. I wanted the candidates to look like they were friends (which most of them really are, actually) so i asked them to just laugh and talk with each other while I took their photos. Their individual posters have them looking all formal anyway so this one is for attention grabbing purposes only rather than getting their names remembered. I hope I've succeeded! :D

STORY: Not My Cup of Tea

Literally! I do not like tea - any kind, even iced! Its sad though since i love Chinese restaurants and they always serve this for free. Its such a waste to see a cup of tea go untouched but the waiters and waitresses pour some in even before I could tell them not to. And the worst part is when I finally get someone to drink it for me, they come around and fill it up again! Argh.


...I do love my Chinese food!
Lookie how much Jose & I ate in a less than half an hour! Dragon Noodle house is definitely the best! We can nevr have enough of it. Their chili sauce is to die for. :)

STORY: Night Out @ Bside

It's my first time to go out on a school night and it was a fun experience.  I might've been all loopy the next day but it was worth it! I wouldn't want to leave my teen years without going through the "teenage" night out, would I? :)

I went to this cool artsy/rock-ish sort of cafe bar at Makati called B-Side. It has its own feel that I just quite can't categorize as of now. Just think tatoos, diverse music, boots (thigh high and studded might I add), bikes (as in bicycles which are so vintage looking!), skateboards, chucks, piercings and bobbing heads. Its such a mixture I dare not categorize it!

Here are some photos I took the liberty of collectively calling "Andy's Night Out"

I was trying to copy the screaming of the band - they were the type that screamed 'til their tonsils would come out and bleed! I strated counghing after a few seconds. :P

Ze Band (I'm copying Batrisha from the comic series back when I read K-Zone Magazine)

Thanks Edre & Angie for a fun night! :)

I drank a Mojito which didn't taste very good (the apple flavor was bearable but the lime flavored one was pure Uck!) I don't like drinking but during the occassions that I do, I prefer hard drinks over beer. I feel it takes less sips to finish and get over with! Haha! :)

I love this shot Edrei accidentally took with the SLR! :) She was using manual this time and I taught ehr how to adjust the lighting and all. After all the blurry shots, she got one! This looks so cool with the smoke and lights in the back. :D

STORY: Thesis Time

I will finally sit down (yes, sit down. I always do my work lying on my stomach!) on my Thesis since deadline is on Monday (for my group at least). After a night out, a cool Saturday class and an awesome contest lined up, it's a surprise I blogged about this first. But it's not a problem, I could always blog about the cooler stuff in my life later on (and yes, I have a cool side too you know - or maybe that's just me!)

So goodbye for now. :)

THEORY : Compliments

Compliments are magic words.

Seriously! They can make seemingly useless and worthless tasks something to be proud of (or make you realize it isn't something useless or worthless). When we work on something really hard trying to meet a deadline we do not see how good or bad our work is. What runs in our heads is that we should get the job done. I go through this a lot. Heck, just the other day I was loaded with so much stuff to do I couldn't catch up! Fortunately today I have managed to lessen my to do list. However I didn't appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears (literally tears!) I put into all that I've done since I was never able to sit back and look at any of it.

But just a moment ago, my classmate complimented the videos I made and it was only then I got a good look of the video myself! All I ever saw were individual frames and layers that I painstakingly cut, colored, connected, etc. for the past something-hours. When I finally paused and looked at it as a whole, I felt a whole lot better... and without my classmates two words of compliment, I would have never felt that way.

Compliments are magic words. I concur.

STORY: Acting Debut

I know I want to be part of the film industry someday, even just for a short while. Its one of those things that you just want to try in your life and after you have, you move on. Well, in my years of striving to be better at filming I have never ever been in front of the camera. i would be the director, the editor or the script writer but never the talent... well that is until yesterday.

Our talent backed out pretty late so we had no choice but to pick a talent from among the 3 of us in the crew. For reasons I failed to find out, I ended up as the actress in our 30 second teaser (for a contest!) Fingers crossed my acting did not cause us our chances of qualifying!

Here is a screenshot of me goofing off while they test the lighting in the studio.

P.S. I got to wear my dad's paintball outfit for this shoot! i felt really cool donning combat boots and camouflage pants! :D