STORY: About Me

For the longest time I left my ABOUT ME section on facebook blank. I just didn't have the time to fill it up. But finally I had the patience and determination to type in the information only I can share.

Its sad though, since during the past years I would regularly update this section with all the grammar checks and rhymes sometimes (via Friendster & Multiply) but since times have changed, this "About Me" will have to do for the next year or so (or whenever i get the time to edit it again).

-- START --

Appreciates a good debate.
Believes it's exercise for the brain.

Wants to be [always] right and will appear obnoxious,
stubborn and bossy in the process.

Wants to be good at what she does
(see: perfectionist) and is trying to let loose [sometimes].

Works for the common good
and can disregard emotions of one or two people in the group.
Strict. Fair. Consistent.
I can sleep at night knowing one or two people are cursing my guts
if I know they got what they deserve
but will be up for weeks knowing one got more or less
than she should have.

Stands for what she believes in (even if she's wrong)
and admires people who do the same.

Admires indepedent anything (film, music, art)
Applauds people who are brave enough to try their luck on their own.

Used to be painfully passive and now is annoyingly active.

Tries to be cool and mysterious but is too talkative to achieve such.

Loves Disney, then, now, to infinity and beyond.
(and will never be ashamed to declare it)

Likes what is good, interesting and well done
rather than what everyone else likes.

Thinks she is funny and laughs at her own jokes (Now, laugh.)

Sucks at sports, dancing, in short any physical activity
but amazed by people who are good at 'em.

Gets obssessive about things she enjoys
(searches it, studies it, memorizes it).
Be it a computer program or a celebrity.

Listens to random genres of music.

Oddly idolizes ex-convicts like Lindsay Lohan & Britney Spears
(believes they will find their way back.)

Struggles to act her age (always too young or too old.)

Is a work in progress but thinks she's getting there.

-- END --

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