STORY: Acting Debut

I know I want to be part of the film industry someday, even just for a short while. Its one of those things that you just want to try in your life and after you have, you move on. Well, in my years of striving to be better at filming I have never ever been in front of the camera. i would be the director, the editor or the script writer but never the talent... well that is until yesterday.

Our talent backed out pretty late so we had no choice but to pick a talent from among the 3 of us in the crew. For reasons I failed to find out, I ended up as the actress in our 30 second teaser (for a contest!) Fingers crossed my acting did not cause us our chances of qualifying!

Here is a screenshot of me goofing off while they test the lighting in the studio.

P.S. I got to wear my dad's paintball outfit for this shoot! i felt really cool donning combat boots and camouflage pants! :D

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