STORY: Gustav Cafe

Its pretty hard to beat last year's Valentine's Day since it was the BEST ever, so for this year's love day I wasn't expecting much. But surprised I was when my guy came through with something not as extravagant as last year's but something more spontaneous. We went to a pretty far place just to eat at this cute little cafe. It was such a romantic adventure that next year's Vday will have a hard time topping it again.

We finally got to the place before the sun finally set and we left at 330pm! It took us that long!

I forgot what this was called but it's chicken logs with cheese.
Its the right combination of crunchy and chewy. The outer layer is crunchy from the breading and the inside is chewy with all the cheese! The dip is good, too.

I ordered the Tenderloin Steak.
The beef was tender and the sauce is a little like coffee at first. The mushrooms were huge (which wasn't good since i dont eat 'em), too! It tastes good but I had better.

Jose ordered the Lengua with mushroom sauce + gigantic mushrooms. I hate Lengua so i didn't bother tasting it. I tried the sauce though and it tasted yum! The siding was yummy by the way, very buttery. ;)

What sucked with the cafe was they had a lot of cakes on display but they only had one for sale. The rest were either reserved or had to bought whole. Good thing the ONLY one available tasted good.

The place was pretty small but was decorated very nicely. They had huge photos of the Eiffel Tower from different angles all over, warm lighting from the pretty lamps, and cozy chairs.

Since it was Vday, they served us free wine and chocolates

To top it all off, they had a 10 feet (my estimate) version of the eiffel tower inside the cafe and a 15 feet (my estimate again)version outside. :)

For the rest of the Vday celebration, I might just post that next time or not! :P

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