STORY: New Discovery

My classmate Soleil and I discovered a new place to eat. I forgot to take note of the name but its the store about 2 stalls from Tattles. If you don't know Tattles then its a canteen located near DLS-College of St. Benilde and St. Scholastica's College, Manila (where I study).

Soleil and some other classmates were supposed to dine at Cafe Cyrilla, the in house restaurant of my school that is run by the HRM students. I have never eaten there but they say its fine dining without the fine price. Too bad the place was full that day. The others decided to wait but Soleil and I headed out to find another place to dine.

We went out of the campus to eat at Migui's unfortunately it was also jam packed. I was okay to eat anywhere since I was just so happy i got to eat outside the school again. I have been so busy this past few weeks that the only time i have during lunch break is to sit, eat and run off. Sometimes I don't even have the time to sit, I eat and run! Even worse, there are days I don't eat or sit, I simply run off! So it was a great joy for me to actually enjoy my lunch break with someone. i missed chatting over a meal which i don't have to gobble up in a minute (although I do eat fast whether or not I'm in a hurry).

Again, i forgot the name of the place but i do remember that almost all the meals are priced at P70.00 each which comes with unlimited rice, iced tea and for some meals a vegetable siding. Soleil ordered the sizzling beef and mushroom which i took a bite out off. it tasted good. I had the beaf steak tagalog.

The place had a cowboy team and the old man who served me my plate looked like a cowboy! :) I asked him why I had siomai with my bistek and he said that it was the veggie side dish! It was so cute too that the plate was a heart! :D

Too bad i had to dash off earlier than Soleil. Jaimee had come by then so Soleil had company. I had a class earlier than theirs so I had to go ahead. At least, it was a few minutes more than the usual and i'm already happy with it. ;) By the way, I forgot to pay my meal (Yikes!) Good thing Soleil paid for it first then I just paid her back later. It totally slipped my mind. :P

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