STORY: Night Out @ Bside

It's my first time to go out on a school night and it was a fun experience.  I might've been all loopy the next day but it was worth it! I wouldn't want to leave my teen years without going through the "teenage" night out, would I? :)

I went to this cool artsy/rock-ish sort of cafe bar at Makati called B-Side. It has its own feel that I just quite can't categorize as of now. Just think tatoos, diverse music, boots (thigh high and studded might I add), bikes (as in bicycles which are so vintage looking!), skateboards, chucks, piercings and bobbing heads. Its such a mixture I dare not categorize it!

Here are some photos I took the liberty of collectively calling "Andy's Night Out"

I was trying to copy the screaming of the band - they were the type that screamed 'til their tonsils would come out and bleed! I strated counghing after a few seconds. :P

Ze Band (I'm copying Batrisha from the comic series back when I read K-Zone Magazine)

Thanks Edre & Angie for a fun night! :)

I drank a Mojito which didn't taste very good (the apple flavor was bearable but the lime flavored one was pure Uck!) I don't like drinking but during the occassions that I do, I prefer hard drinks over beer. I feel it takes less sips to finish and get over with! Haha! :)

I love this shot Edrei accidentally took with the SLR! :) She was using manual this time and I taught ehr how to adjust the lighting and all. After all the blurry shots, she got one! This looks so cool with the smoke and lights in the back. :D

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