STORY: Tikoy

I have never eaten Tikoy and I don't plan to. However, being the girlfriend of a Chinese guy makes it inevitable for me to encounter this sticky delicacy. For the past 3 years, he gives my family a box of tikoy every Chinese New Year unfortunately no one eats tikoy in our household. My dad eats a little but not enough to finish a box. It takes a pretty long time for the tikoy box to become empty with us.

In school, I have Chinese classmates. One of them, Marie, always brings a cooked batch of tikoy to school and shares it with everyone and I always just pass the box to the girl next to me. I am very curious though about how it tastes and it feels like (texture). It looks crunchy because of the egg layer but when my classmates bite it, it looks very sticky since it stretches like cheese. Although my curiosity is always overpowered by my "dislike" of its appearance. It looks like pale crunchy tongue! Anyways, I think this post is going to be pretty pointless so I'll just share some photos I took of the food I dedicated a whole post to.

Photo from Google

The box of Tikoy Jose gave me.

The cooked batch Marie gave to the class.

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