THEORY: Campaign Managers

I believe campaign managers are responsible for at least 30% of the results of the election, so I'm really working hard on making the candidates win! Needless to say, i'm wearing the campaign manager's hat this student council elections season!

So, my job as campaign manager for the Bigkis Partylist for the Student Council Elections begins! Actually it began about a month or two ago when I started recruiting candidates but it officially started yesterday when campaign period began. I enjoyed making the posters - shooting, editing and reproducing! I even made sure every corner that we're allowed to post in is bombarded with posters. I just want to do everything I can so my candidates have a fair chance at winning. I hope my strategy works! :)

I decided to make the poster more attention grabbing by making it the opposite of what is expected. Campaign posters are usually very serious and boxey (full of boxes and corners) so i went with this friendly vibe poster. I wanted the candidates to look like they were friends (which most of them really are, actually) so i asked them to just laugh and talk with each other while I took their photos. Their individual posters have them looking all formal anyway so this one is for attention grabbing purposes only rather than getting their names remembered. I hope I've succeeded! :D

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