THEORY: Classical Music

I'm not very into music. Although I do appreciate the contributions of music to our lives, I don't go as far as devoting my time in learning songs, feeling all sentimental over lyrics and chords or bothering to identify what genre of music I'm listening to. I listen to whatever music is available and what I feel sounds good, regardless of whether its a Micheal Buble, Backstreet Boys, Micheal Jackson, Sting or even a Justin Bieber song. If its good then I'll keep listening.

Well, for my Music Appreciation class we have to listen to classical music for an assignment. I am not fond of "regular" music much more "unique" music so this task isn't such a joy for me. It isn't hard to do its just something i don't find amusing. However, upon listening to some of the symphonies (and describing each one) I appreciated what "feeling" these kinds of music can evoke. I actually found myself picturing scenes where the symphonies could fit in and I warn you, my imagination can get pretty crazy!

Well long story short, whether you are a music lover or not, music will play a part in your life one way or another either by force (if you're taking up Music Appreciation like me), by chance (in public transportation, malls, etc.) or by choice. So learn to appreciate it since you have no choice anyway (like all the other things in life! More on that next time :D)

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