THEORY : Compliments

Compliments are magic words.

Seriously! They can make seemingly useless and worthless tasks something to be proud of (or make you realize it isn't something useless or worthless). When we work on something really hard trying to meet a deadline we do not see how good or bad our work is. What runs in our heads is that we should get the job done. I go through this a lot. Heck, just the other day I was loaded with so much stuff to do I couldn't catch up! Fortunately today I have managed to lessen my to do list. However I didn't appreciate all the blood, sweat and tears (literally tears!) I put into all that I've done since I was never able to sit back and look at any of it.

But just a moment ago, my classmate complimented the videos I made and it was only then I got a good look of the video myself! All I ever saw were individual frames and layers that I painstakingly cut, colored, connected, etc. for the past something-hours. When I finally paused and looked at it as a whole, I felt a whole lot better... and without my classmates two words of compliment, I would have never felt that way.

Compliments are magic words. I concur.

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