THEORY: Look Alikes

They say everyone has a long lost twin and I kind of believe that. There are a billion people alive in this world with the same body parts (eyes, nose, ears, mout, etc) so these features are bound to repeat at some point, right? I know nerds could show me the statistics of how many unique combination of features there could be but still, they could also compute the probability of coming up with the exact same features in one person, right? So before I sound like a nerd myself I shall make my point... I think I have the gift of spotting twins! :) I enjoy finding people who look like each other and the people I tell 'em to find themself laughing at the resemblances they fail to notice theirselves.

At this point, I shall leave the storytelling to the photos. Enjoy.

Charice Pempengco and my classmate Jess

I covered the eyes because that was what set them apart.
This is Camille Prats and my classmate Soleil.

Everyone saw this resemblance even without my help.
Kathryn Bernardo and Jaika.

I saw the resemblance the first time I watched Love Actually which wasn't too long ago.
This is my classmate Karl and Thomas Brodie Sangster

I immediately saw the resemblance between Jose (in blue) and the guy who is buying commemorative plates from him. They even moved synchronized! :) I shot this from inside the car since I couldn't stop laughing at the similarities (down to the clothes!)

I will hopefully add more of the look alikes I discover soon!


rakesh said...

Oh ... i too find this all the time
1 recent example...

compare- Marjorie Keo in my friends

with actress singer 'Hilary Duff'

Anonymous said...

If that's true does that mean twins have three
LoOk alikes